New Enrollment Pack Details

By April 9, 2015Results

What are the new enrollment options?
All the options explained here.

Why we are excited:

1. With a lower entry price, you can grow your team faster than ever
2. A simple upgrade path to allow new Brand Partners to choose the pace at which they want to build their business
3. A focus on Nerium’s Age-Defying Night Creams allows new Brand Partners to have a simplified approach focused on sharing our flagship product

What else do I need to know?

With the change to the enrollment options, there has been some accompanying compensation plan updates. Click here for updated compensation plan.

New enrollment options go into effect on Tuesday, April 14.

With the new enrollment packs, it’s easier than ever to help someone reach their goals and walk into the life they never dreamed possible.


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  • JW RICHARD says:

    You can also be eligible for Nerium Gives Back at qualified Director level or higher. This is found on page 4 of the compensation plan.

  • JW RICHARD says:

    Yes, Jennifer, you can upgrade further. No, there isn’t a discount when you upgrade.

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