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How do you decide what skin care measures to take on a daily basis? The climate where you live certainly plays a role. After all, extremes in climate – from hot and humid to cold and dry – can affect your skin’s appearance and texture. Here are some skin care techniques for mastering two extremes.

Skin Care

Hot and Humid

Sweaty skin is prone to breakouts, and continual sun exposure can cause sunburn and premature aging. Protect your skin from hot, humid conditions with the following skin care techniques:

Wear sunscreen. While it’s important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays no matter where you live, hot, humid climates result in the most sunburns.

Apply NeriumAD. Perhaps your love for the outdoors is showing itself on your face. This quality skin care product is beneficial in every climate, and NeriumAD can diminish the appearance of these problems. Don’t replace other protective measures with NeriumAD, but use it in conjunction with other techniques for keeping your skin young and healthy.

Skin Care

Cold and Dry

Low humidity means dry skin. Bitter cold wind chaps your face and hands. Rough, red, cracked, tight skin is common in cold, dry climates. Try the following to fight these conditions:

Avoid taking long, hot showers. This may warm you up, but it also strips your skin of much-needed moisture.

Apply moisturizer daily. Use a gentle moisturizer on your face after washing it in the morning; at night, simply apply NeriumAD. Also, remember to rub lotion onto your hands after washing them throughout the day.

Protect your skin against the wind. Wear protective clothing when you venture outside in windy, cold conditions. This prevents the wind from chapping your skin, which can cause redness and peeling.

Nerium Skin Care

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