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How do you decide what skin care measures to take on a daily basis? The season should definitely play a role. For example, hot summer conditions subject you more to the sun’s damaging rays while winter’s dry, cold air makes skin feel tight and flaky. Cold wind chaps your skin even more.

Skin Care

To protect your skin, implement the following skin care techniques in the fall and winter:

Install a humidifier: Dry furnace air provides little escape from outdoor dryness unless you have a whole-house humidifier installed. This adds just the right amount of moisture to the air, which your skin and sinuses will thank you for.

Bundle up: Protect your face, neck, ears and hands from the damages of windburn in very cold climates by planning ahead before you venture outside. A hat, scarf, ear muffs, gloves and other winter gear protect your skin from the ravages of the wintery wind.


Use the following skin care techniques for added protection in the spring and summer:

Prevent heat rash: This rash appears when clogged sweat ducts trap perspiration under the skin. It usually goes away on its own, but you can prevent it by wearing loose-fitting clothing that allows sweat to evaporate and by avoiding heavy creams and ointments that can clog pores.

Do away with acne: Extra oil, heat and sweat each contribute to increased summer breakouts. Prevent acne by using a glycolic or salicylic-acid cleanser and only using oil-free makeup and sunscreen.


Finally, implement these skin care techniques no matter what time of year it is:

Use mild soap: From washing your face to showering off your body, choose mild cleansers that don’t rob your skin of its natural, protective oils. Avoid unnatural fragrances if you have sensitive skin.

Wear sunscreen: No matter the season, you can get sunburned if you stay out unprotected long enough. Wear at least 15 SPF sunscreen on all exposed skin when outside for an extended period of time.

Apply moisturizer regularly: Moisturize your face after washing it in the morning and at night before applying NeriumAD. Rub lotion onto your hands after each time you wash them throughout the day.

Wash with warm water: Hot water strips your body of moisture even more. While it’s tempting to soak for hours in a steaming hot bath in the winter, limit your bathing and showering time and use warm, not hot, water for optimal skin care.


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    I love these blog posts “Skin Care Offenders,” however now that Nerium has introduced the new Day Cream moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, the 3 “Skin Care Offenders” posts should be updated to include this product where ever the generic “moisturizer” is mentioned.

    Not to be a grammar Nazis, but if these are re-published the word “for” at the tail end of one of the sentences in “Skin Care Offenders | The Seasons” should be moved to read, “for which your skin and
    sinuses will thank you.”

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