Marilyn Diamond Endorses NeriumAD

By July 3, 2013Reviews

How many years do you hope to knock off your appearance with NeriumAD? Do you hope to look like Marilyn Diamond, the 69-year-old who looks 40? While a combination of factors come together to make you look and feel younger than you really are, an important part of your daily routine is to apply NeriumAD to your face before you go to bed.


The product is so effective that Marilyn Diamond – a best-selling author, speaker and healthy living expert – has announced her endorsement of NeriumAD and its incredible, age-defying qualities.


Marilyn is most well known for her fitness books. She co-authored Fit for Life which has sold over 15 million copies worldwide, making it onto Publishers Weekly’s “Top 25 Bestselling Books in History” list. Marilyn is currently on tour for her new book, Young for Life, co-authored exercise expert Dr. Donald “Rock” Schnell.


Marilyn’s support of NeriumAD is a first; she has never before endorsed a skin care product . However, she is so impressed with the science and results of NeriumAD that she gladly recommends it as a skin care product that makes you look and feel young for life!


In fact, Marilyn has become so passionate about NeriumAD and Nerium’s unique culture that she has joined the company as a Brand Partner. It’s her goal to spread the news of NeriumAD as far and wide as she spreads her very own fitness and lifestyle books!


Feel free to use Marilyn’s endorsement of NeriumAD in your relationship marketing efforts to give your Nerium business a boost!


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