What Drives Your Success with Nerium International?

By May 23, 2013Reviews

“What drives your success with Nerium?” We asked two Nerium International™ Independent Brand Partners this question and received their inspiring feedback.


“When I first started with Nerium, I really had to think about the ‘why’ that would drive my success. It didn’t take long, and now I know what to focus on!


“I have a rental cottage on my property here in Maui. My tenant, Susan, has been with me for eight years now. I love her so much and cannot imagine living here without her. What drives me in this business to succeed is just one thing: I want to pay off my home and dramatically lower her rent.


“My heart’s desire is to see Susan live out her days in comfort and ease. She has done so much for so many people that she deserves to be blessed. I don’t want her to worry about rent money; I just want her to enjoy her life and the beauty of the rainforest!


“Susan was a nurse at a drug rehab center, but she lost her job last summer. Upon hearing the news, my husband and I dropped her rent $200 to give her some release from the pressure she felt. Someday, with the help of Nerium, I hope to drop it even more!


“As the saying goes, ‘It is better to give than to receive.’ It would be such a blessing if I get to create a Ripple that will touch the life of a person who means so much to me! Susan, this will happen, I just know it!”

-Sandy C.


“I am inspired by Nerium’s grand compensation plan that will enable me to fundraise for causes I believe in! For example, I have spent some time interviewing the youth of America. There is a dire need for a pathway for success for some of the youth I have met. I desire to make a difference in the lives of future generations through the income I generate from Nerium!


“Nerium is paving the way for a wide transformation in America and abroad. I have goals and dreams to impact many with the great opportunity I’ve been given. Nerium encourages people to improve other people’s lives, and creating a Ripple effect will make the world a happier, more balanced place. This way, loving, caring and sharing becomes an action, a reality, not just a motto, or idea! It’s time for us to each take individual responsibility to collectively change the world!”

-Harriet S.


It’s dedicated, driven Brand Partners like Sandy and Harriet that allow Nerium to move forward at such lightning speed! When we work together, there’s no limit to where we can go from here! For more information Nerium SkinCare™ products, or to pave your way to success with Nerium International, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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