Holiday Party Season is also Firming Body Contour Cream Season

By October 20, 2017Skincare Tips

When stores place their Christmas decorations on display well before Halloween, it’s a sure sign that the calendar has shifted to holiday party season. Whether it’s a gathering of close friends, a family dinner around the Thanksgiving table or the sometimes-dreaded office party, the holidays can bring “gifts” of stress and worry – and those don’t pair well with fun and celebration.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make holiday parties memorable and enjoyable because no one wants to look back on a year’s worth of accomplishments and have bad memories of celebrations that fell flat. Consider one or more of these quick tips:

Modify Your Diet

Often our lives become so busy that we forget the basics, like three square meals each day. Working longer hours at the office helps meet deadlines (especially during the hectic holiday season) but that can also mean resorting to eating from vending machines in the break room – or just skipping meals.

Simplify your diet with a mix of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean protein. Consider taking these three steps to eating better from Live Happy Web Editor Emily Wise Miller and give your body the nutrition it needs to finish the year strong. A change before the holidays will put you ahead of the curve for resolutions in the new year!

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Start an Exercise Routine

Besides being good for your body and helping to jump-start a resolution for 2018, exercise will help center your mind for the holiday party obstacle course ahead. Getting up early to work out, run or even just walk around the block will give you an instant energy boost – and help fight the afternoon blahs.

Regular exercise also makes us happier – and that’s a great step toward making any holiday gathering more fun. Nobody wants to be the Grinch who ruins the party for others. Consider using exercise to make you not only look but feel better.

Relax – It’s Just a Party

Gratitude often gets lost behind stronger emotions such as fear, anger, or envy. Thanksgiving – one of the major holiday events in the last three months of the year – is a time to be grateful for blessings of home, family, friends, and food.

Instead of seeing a holiday party as a burden or a requirement – as we are all prone to do – think instead of those who aren’t as fortunate to spend time with others.

Use Nerium Firming Body Contour Cream

A final tip for surviving the holiday party gauntlet is to have happy, healthy skin. Nerium International has a daily solution that can give your upper arms, stomach, thighs, and love handles a more toned look: Firming Body Contour Cream.

Body Contour Cream, with the exclusive NAE-8® extract, works to improve skin’s appearance, diminishing the appearance of cellulite and dimpled skin. It also provides soothing moisture, leaving skin feeling softer and more hydrated. In independently conducted clinical trials, 92 percent of participants saw positive improvements on their thighs and 92 percent also reported an increase in skin hydration.

Reward yourself this holiday season with a twice-daily treatment of Body Contour Cream. Think of it as a gift that will continue through the next year – combined with your new eating, exercise and gratitude habits. Smile – it’s the most wonderful time of the year, so get ready to party with friends and family!

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