Nerium International Core Values: Create a Positive Team Spirit and a Family Atmosphere

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Nerium Brand Partners are in the business of sharing NeriumAD skin products for themselves, but not by themselves. That’s because Nerium International places a tremendous emphasis on creating a positive team spirit and a family atmosphere.

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Think of your upline and how much help they’ve granted you as you learned the ropes of sharing Nerium skin products. If you have been a Brand Partner for a while, it’s likely you’re someone else’s upline. Their success means your success, just like being on a team or in a family.


Team spirit is something Nerium International tries hard to instill in every level of the company. Nerium leadership makes it easy for Brand Partners to bond by holding events across the country where the Nerium family gathers together, learns from one another, and makes lasting memories. Nerium events really are like family reunions: a chance to interact outside the “office” and have fun together.


Being a Nerium family member doesn’t mean everyone has the same ideas, opinions or points of view about sharing skin products. In fact, it’s the Nerium family’s diversity that helps it flourish. After all, your upline might spot an issue that would have never occurred to you, while you point out patterns for success to your team that you’ve seen through your own trials and errors.


To help your fellow Brand Partners feel more like a team or a tight-knit family, try to:

~Avoid gossip
~Be sincere
~Maintain an open demeanor
~Be a positive influence
~Strive for harmony in every interaction
~Help each other whenever possible
~Be loving, caring and sharing!


These tips also help Preferred Customers gravitate toward you and become more interested in the skin products you hope to share with them.


To learn more about our Core Values, be sure to read other blogs in our Nerium International Core Values series. Then, for more information regarding Nerium’s skin products, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s LinkedIn Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.


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