Creating Your Own Happiness Journal

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Having trouble getting motivated for the day? Try creating a happiness journal as a way to gain the motivation you need. Becoming aware of what you’re truly thankful for can help in your personal development. In fact, Nerium International believes this is a core personal value. Here are some tips on how to start your happiness journal.


Be thankful for people, not things.


man writing_shutterstockRather than considering the material things in life that you’re happy for, consider the gift of the people in your life that are close to you.  Perhaps your parents taught you a certain ethic that is especially helpful to you right now. Maybe one friend showed patience when you expected judgment.  Maybe another person, a stranger even, gave you the gift of listening while you spoke what was on your mind. The saying goes, give people their flowers while they can still smell them.  In your happiness journal, you’re handing out flowers for each for person.


Don’t worry how many people you should write about or how much you write about each of them.


Writer Louise Jensen makes this comment about what she calls ‘journaling through the motions’: “Don’t reluctantly journal because you think you should. Feel what you write. Believe it.” Also, take the time to write as much about that person or people you’d like. Worried about taking too much time? Think about it this way, the morning belong to your journal. Consider waking up just a bit earlier or scheduling your appointment and email responses later in the morning if you can.


Be sure to write the surprises down and keep the negative out.


We often carry smartphones, tablets, and laptops throughout the day. Consider keeping your journal on an internet-based document so that you can reference it throughout the day and not miss the change to record surprise happy moments. Can’t get online? There’s always the tried and true pencil and paper model.  Also, don’t let the negative thoughts go anywhere in that journal. This journal is about all about what you are thankful for.


Share your experience.


shutterstock_56565757These are just a few ideas for starting the practice of keeping a happiness journal. Since practice can make a habit, give your journal a solid effort in the next 90 days and see how you feel. Already keep a journal?  Feel free to share your happiness journal experience here in the comments.

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