The Happiness Movement: How Do I Join?

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How Do I Join?

If you are a Brand Partner or Preferred Customer who enrolled prior to October 9, we have already created a free Live Happy account for you! With a Live Happy account, you can share the Happiness Movement from your personalized website, access your own Happy Reach app, get a constant stream of happiness content, and more!


You can access your personal website by using the same name you have on your Nerium website, so your website would be Your password will be the same as well. You will have the opportunity to change this information once you log-in.


If you don’t fall into the criteria above, never fear! You can easily join the movement at


What is my Happy Reach?

Your Happy Reach is the only place where you actually get to see the impact you have on the world. Discover how you’re making a difference in others’ lives by tracking your Happiness Footprint. As people decide to join the Happiness Movement through your inspiration, they are added to your Happy Reach. The depth of your Happy Reach is endless! You have to see it to believe it!


How can I grow my Happy Reach?

By sharing the pages on your personalized website, you will gain interest from your social networks, as well as your email contacts. Share our inspiring articles, videos, and even your Happy Reach, to your networks from your personalized website. As people become motivated by your positivity, and decide to live happy by becoming Happiness Ambassadors, they are instantly added to your Happy Reach! When you decide to live happy, it just keeps getting better! For great tips on what items are great to share log into your Live Happy Account Center and visit the “Sharing Happiness” page.


Are there any special benefits for Nerium Brand Partners or Preferred Customers?

Yes! Every month that you have an active ADO as a BP or PC, you will get a FREE issue of Live Happy magazine the next month!


Are there any other benefits to joining the Live Happy (LH) Movement?

Besides letting happiness overflow, and being a catalyst for joy in others, we have great perks. With the Live Happy Loyalty Points, you can earn Loyalty Points for sharing the movement, as well as the Live Happy purchases you make. These points are redeemable for subscriptions and other Live Happy merchandise. For full details, click here.


How do I purchase a subscription as a gift?

You can log-in to your Account Center and get someone on your list a gift subscription for only $29.95 a year! Plus, you get the added benefit of Loyalty Points for your purchase!


Where can I learn more about Live Happy?

Want to learn all you can about Live Happy? Visit for more information today!


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