How to Protect Your Skin From Pollution

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how to protect your skin from pollutionHave you ever wanted to know how to protect your skin from pollution? Then, read on dear reader! It’s important to take extra precautions against air pollution. After all, dust and dirt can clog pores, chemicals can interfere with your skin’s protection system, and smog can expose your skin to various elements that give it a dull appearance and exacerbate the signs of aging. Picture a city with dense, palpable smog. Long-term exposure to air pollution like that can cause your skin to appear less-than-healthy.

So what’s a person to do?

Aside from moving to a deserted mountain, there are other skin care tips you can utilize to limit air pollution’s effect on your skin.

Skin Care Tips

Wash your face and body regularly: A gentle, fragrance-free cleanser is best for your face. Get in the habit of washing your face morning and night and applying NeriumAD right before you go to bed.

~Use moisturizer: Moisturize your face after washing it in the morning. In addition, rub lotion onto your hands after you wash them throughout the day.

~Drink more water: Hydrated skin produces more new, undamaged cells than dehydrated skin. Of course, be sure to drink clean, unpolluted water to avoid harming your skin and body.

~Wear sunscreen: You can get sunburned if you stay outside long enough, even if it’s cloudy or wintertime. Make it a habit to wear lip balm and sunscreen on a daily basis.


Hopefully these quick tips are helpful for you in the search for information on how to protect your skin from pollution. For more information about our quality skin care product, NeriumAD, please visit the Nerium website.


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