Nerium is not a Scam, and Here’s 4 Reasons Why

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“Is Nerium a Scam?” – Definitely Not.


Samuel Jackson isn’t asking, “is Nerium a scam?”

There’s been some confusion by some well-meaning people out there about whether Nerium is a scam or not. We understand that people are concerned about where their money is going and whether the products they’re buying are legitimate or not. We want to do whatever we can to assure you that NeriumAD is a product that we’re willing to stand behind, and our business model is one we’re willing to stand behind as well. So the next time someone asks you, “Is Nerium a scam?” you can tell them this:

4 Reasons why Nerium Isn’t a Scam

I. NeriumAD is safe! NeriumAD, our flagship age-defying night cream, has gone through clinical trials from independent third parties to make sure it’s safe. We wouldn’t be selling a product we’re not using ourselves. You can learn more about our clinical trials here.

II. We have a ton of before and after pictures that were sent in by our customers! You can check out all the photos, here. You can also see results on the Nerium YouTube Feed. We’re not shy about showing the great results that others have had with our product! We are so confident you’ll like it, we have a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee.

III. We love working here and we support our Brand Partners 100%. Nerium’s corporate office is filled with a LOT of caring people who want the same things you do out of work and life. Our founder Jeff Olson makes sure that the culture here revolves around a fulfilling professional and personal life. We’re not working out of a shack. We’re not a fly-by-night organization. And we’re not going anywhere. It’s actually a really great time to jump on the Nerium Team. We’re a lot of fun – you should check us out!

IV. Nerium isn’t a scam from a network marketing business perspective. The relationship marketing business model has never been a scam in and of itself. Are there businesses out there that have used it to do shady things? Sure. There are also companies that have done a lot of shady things as traditional corporations that have hurt a lot of people too (banking crisis of 2008, anyone?). Our business model allows people to be their own boss as entrepreneurs, which allows them to fulfill the goals our founder has for them: Living life on their own terms, being their own boss, and helping make life better for their families. Everyone here at Nerium Corporate is standing behind our Brand Partners to make sure they fulfill those goals. We’d like you to have those things in your life too!

The next time that someone asks you, “Is Nerium a scam?” you can show them how we love to engage our brand partners on Facebook, how fun our YouTube feed can be, and know that you can ask us questions on Twitter anytime. We love giving our customers a real taste of what we’re all about, and can’t wait to hear from you.

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  • Lynn Cook says:

    Nerium is a ray of hope for those with multiple skin issues and sun damage! Best thing I’ve ever done to improve my skin.

  • Debra Lindy says:

    Love this!! Nerium is a company with integrity and NeriumAD is a product that will stand the test of time!!

    • Whitney Richardson says:

      Coming from a direct sales background as well as corporate America for 20 yrs prior to that, I can honestly say that every Nerium event that I have attended has just completely reinforced my belief in Nerium International as a company, culture of people who care about others and the product Nerium AD is hands down has shown the best results in multiple areas of concern in the shortest period of time for me and tons of people I personally know. As a brand partner with Nerium it gives me great comfort that the Corporate office gives us so much support and that so many icons in the Anti-aging skin care arena that also stand behind Nerium. Do your research, check out the clinical trials and see for your self! I did and and it is the greatest decision I ever made!

  • cfraire says:

    Nerium truly has the best Brand Partners!

  • cfraire says:

    All I can say is “Real Science, Real Results!”

  • cfraire says:

    Nerium is a Sharing, Caring, Loving kind of family!

  • cfraire says:

    We can’t wait to see you at Long Beach!

  • audrea says:

    Nerium International is the most gernerous company that you will find. Not only generous…but helpful in training and guiding new be’s like me to success. 2014….household name = congrats to the Nerium family for catching Jeff Olson’s vision! Here we go!

  • Dwyn says:

    It is important to thoroughly investigate any business before becoming part of it. Nerium stood up to my scutiny and became the best decision my family has ever made!

  • Terrie says:

    Nerium International is the real thing! One of the best decisions I ever made. I love the product. I love how I look after using the product and I love who I am becoming because of the business and personal growth. I definitely feel I can live happy in the Nerium Family!

  • tomdoiron says:

    I have followed the direct sales industry for over 4 decades. Nerium’s CEO, Jeff Olson, has an impeccable reputation in the industry and is highly regarded by his peers. He desires to build the perfect relationship marketing company. I call it “the-trickle-down-effect”. What starts at the top ultimately reaches to the bottom. Never have I seen such a game-changing company. In a little over two years, Nerium International has turned the entire anti-aging skincare world upside down. Of course you realize this has upset some very influential people. They can not touch the proprietary, patented NAE-8 antioxidant extract, so they will resort to attacking the integrity of the company. Although some of the adverse propaganda against Nerium is born out of ignorance, much is from envy. Don’t you be fooled. Find out for yourself. You may be glad you did. Try it!

  • Sonya says:

    I have been using this product for over a month. I had such high hopes. I really wanted it to work. After using the product for over month, I have noticed NOTHING! I wish that I could give it a good review, but I cannot tell a lie. The product is expensive and I do not want anyone to be ill-advised. I purchased both the day and the night cream. I have used it diligently. Once again, I see no results. Thank goodness that I did not sign up for auto-ship. Also, the product smells very offensive. I would say that it smells a lot like soured laundry. I had to be honest! If anyone out there knows of something that REALLY works, please advise! Thank you.

    • JRICHARD says:

      Sonya, thank you for your honest sharing. Depending on the results you were hoping for, the length of time to see those results may vary from person to person. We recommend taking a before and after picture, similar to individuals in our 90-day gallery, to really see the effect of using NeriumAD.

    • Cheri Marci Rose says:

      Sonya…I’m hoping you were given correct application directions….and, using water is vital as there is none in the cream! I’d love to hear about your nightly/daily application.
      Cheri Rose

    • Claire Poulton says:

      I didn’t notice any real visible results for 3 months. I know that in one year’s time, the results will be amazing. Those who go with instant results via injections etc. (which ARE very expensive) will find in one year that their skin will look exactly like it did before their “treatment” – perhaps even worse. I have been using NeriumAD for 4 months and my skin keeps improving exponentially. The smell doesn’t bother me. What would bother me is if they had added artificial ingredients to make it smell like perfume, instead of a skin care product.

  • Jaime Foutch says:

    Nerium International is the ONE! NeriumAD is the product dreamed of by every formulator and scientist and hopeful in the beauty industry. When you hear of people talk of fairytale lifestyles earned in this industry I always used to say man that lucky dog right place right time. Then one year ago I found myself in the right place at the perfect time! Its changed my life forever. You could be next. Xoxo Jaime

  • lizBarrios says:

    People sometimes are very ignorant. They judged before analyzing the situation. I’ve been using Nerium AD for 3 weeks now. The results are absolutely remarkable. Im so amazed howmy big pores disappeared for how many years Ivechad it. I followed the procedure of before/after picture and I saw the changes. My skin is so soft and as an asian, we’re all about beauty and flawless skin and and Nerium is really a big help. No need for surgeries and lazers.Also, changes takes slow or sometimes faster results. depends on your skin. We should be patient. Nerium AD have the high quality product,whats it worth is real results. and respectable reputation. I am so proud to be a part of Nerium. This will change your life forever. Thank you so much Nerium!!

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