Why Happiness?

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JO_livehappyHappiness and positive psychology have become such an important part of who I am that I feel compelled to educate people about it. In the latest edition of The Slight Edge, I made sure to include an entire chapter on happiness, because I believe it dovetails perfectly with how the slight edge philosophy works.
My mother is a great example of my first awareness that happiness and having a positive attitude can really make an impact on your life. She became a widow when I was 11 years old, working as an administrative assistant at our church. Raising three kids on that kind of salary was never easy—nor was losing her husband to a heart attack. But she plugged away, and was always happy and had a great attitude. She made the proactive choice to stay positive, and it’s served her well throughout her life.

Jeff Olson Kid

Me, my mom and my sister Sandra


I didn’t learn about the science of positive psychology until about ten years ago, but I heard about it from someone who worked as a graduate assistant for Dr. Martin Seligman—the father of positive psychology. Then, there was a cover story of the January 2005 issue of Time magazine on “The Science of Happiness”: the movement was really picking up steam. In 2013 I was able to attend the Third World Congress on Positive Psychology, and I heard Dr. Seligman speak. After seeing the scientific research and data that was presented, it was overwhelmingly clear that this kind of knowledge has the power to change lives.

Mom and I, May 2014

Mom and me, May 2014


I love personal development. I love making people better. In fact, I live for it. So if I could start educating people on this new philosophy of happiness by creating more awareness of it, then why wouldn’t I? Thus, the beginning idea for Live Happy was born!

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  • Karen Bellissimo Majchrzak Low says:

    Awe .. Miss my mom ;( …. Thanks for sharing !

  • Rick Torres says:

    Thanks for your huge effort to bring happiness to the forefront in the manner that you have done. In such a face paced world, most will continue to believe that wealth will bring happiness, success will bring happiness, and the list goes on. When in fact, if you have the right attitude and can truly understand how to become a happier person these things will happen automatically , not the other way around..

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