Nerium International Core Values: Be Real

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shutterstock_125302175When Nerium International introduced NeriumAD, one core value came to the minds of company leadership immediately: Be Real. As the first and foremost Nerium core value, which were used to design the company prior to launch, the mantra “Be Real” encompasses the way Nerium International functions as a company to this day.

Everything about Nerium International is real:

Real Science: For more than 10 years, NeriumAD has been researched and clinically tested to ensure efficacy and safety. The company is open and transparent about every scientific finding, making it easier for corporate executives and Brand Partners to work synergistically.

Real Results: Nerium International isn’t afraid to let anyone try out the product for themselves. That’s why we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. The results of using NeriumAD are real, and we want you to have the full Nerium experience!

Real Opportunity: Nerium International spreads the wealth by allowing Brand Partners the real opportunity to start a business and earn a steady income. Anyone from successful business people to recent college graduates to homemakers can jump on this opportunity to make some real money.

Real People: Everyone from the founders and CEO to support personnel and Brand Partners have both feet on the ground. It’s the real people behind Nerium International that make it such a successful company for everyone involved.

Real Community: Nerium doesn’t leave its Brand Partners hanging. Everyone is part of this community, which is made evident by the programs and resources available to every Brand Partner. Nerium International also promotes the Nerium Ripple program dedicated to “Individually Taking Responsibility, Collectively Changing the World.”


If you want phony claims, made-up results, fraudulent opportunities, and deceitful people, you’re looking at the wrong company. We’re all about being genuine in everything we do, and therefore we stand behind our claims and decisions with confidence. To learn more about our core values, be sure to read the other blogs in our Nerium International Core Values series.

For more information regarding the Nerium skincare product, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s Linkedin Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.

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