Nerium International Core Values: Pursue Constant Development of Self

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shutterstock_31016581Nerium International is an innovative company based on its groundbreaking skin care product, Nerium AD. Backed by science, Nerium skin care is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of skin’s tone and texture, and reduce the appearance of discoloration.


Offering an amazing skin care product is just the beginning, however. Nerium International prides itself on making people look and feel better about themselves, both inside and out. NeriumAD takes care of the improved outward appearance, and Nerium International’s genuine implementation of our Core Values tackle the way people feel about themselves on the inside.


One of the Nerium International Core Values is our emphasis on pursuing constant development of self. This has multiple applications:


Developing business knowhow: Nerium International distributes Nerium AD through Brand Partners who have the opportunity to take control of their finances and become more business savvy than ever before. Even Brand Partners who have never been involved in business can succeed and experience business-related development of self.

Developing personal health: Most Brand Partners use Nerium AD themselves to promote healthier, more beautiful skin. A steady income results from the effort they put into their business, thus helping Brand Partners achieve better mental and financial health as well.

Developing relationships: Nerium International is all about relationships, meaning Brand Partners develop friendships and share Nerium AD through the friendships they grow and cultivate around them. Nerium national events, Real Results Parties and other social opportunities abound after getting involved with Nerium International.

Developing confidence: If a new Brand Partner has never been involved with a business like this before, they might have to step outside their comfort zone at first. However, as they develop confidence in themselves and in Nerium AD, their comfort zone expands and their self-assurance grows.


Development of self is not about changing who you are; it’s about becoming a more business-savvy, healthy, confident, happy person. Nerium International can help you get there! To learn more about our Core Values, be sure to read the other blogs in our Nerium International Core Values series.


For more information regarding the Nerium skincare product, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s Linkedin Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.

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