Nerium International Core Values: Encourage an Entrepreneurial Spirit

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shutterstock_105061070Nerium International’s innovation introduced a groundbreaking new skin care product called NeriumAD in August 2011. The entrepreneurial spirit of the company’s founders and leadership, along with a science-backed product that delivers truly remarkable results, allowed the company to grow at an astounding pace in less than two years. This entrepreneurial spirit and incredible growth is something the leadership of Nerium International wants for every Brand Partner.


What is the entrepreneurial spirit?

Being an entrepreneur is the right to pursue your dream on your own terms. It’s the chance to push beyond the limits you’ve created for yourself and live the best possible life, to make decisions for you and your family that result in a better financial situation and more time on your hands. In a word, the entrepreneurial spirit is freedom.


What does it take to be an entrepreneur?

The freedom to work when and how you want—in other words, being an entrepreneur—is not all fun and games. It requires work, dedication, time management skills, self-confidence and the power to dream big. It means you know how to get the job done without anyone around to tell you what to do or how to structure your business.


How does Nerium International encourage the entrepreneurial spirit?

For many start-up businesses, being an entrepreneur is a guessing game, which unfortunately often results in a failed business plan. After all, most people aren’t taught in school growing up how to be a successful entrepreneur.


Fortunately, Nerium International doesn’t leave you hanging. As a Brand Partner, you have all the freedom of a traditional entrepreneur, but you have a multitude of resources to turn to when you get stuck. These include your upline, the Nerium International website, and Brand Partner tools and resources, including weekly Nerium University sessions and an ever-growing wealth of training videos. In addition, events held in your area, whether as localized as Regional training or as large as as Spring Bash 2013 and Get Real 2013, are places where Nerium International leadership strives to paint the dream of what the entrepreneurial spirit looks like and just how far it can take you.


To learn more about our core values, be sure to read the other blogs in our Nerium International Core Values series. And for more information regarding the Nerium skincare product, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s Linkedin Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.

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