Nerium International Reviews | NeriumAD is for Men, Too

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It may seem that more women write Nerium International reviews than men. After all, it’s true that women tend to give more attention to skincare, but NeriumAD is for men, too! Hard-working men with skin damage caused by sun exposure, chemicals, acne from years gone by, or the simple aging process stand to benefit just as much as women with quality skincare products and a predictable routine to match.

Nerium International Reviews

Nerium International Reviews | NeriumAD is for Men, Too

If you’re a real man looking for ways to maintain healthy, handsome skin, consider Nerium International reviews that cover everything you need to know about NeriumAD. Then, implement these tips for a soft, touchable face the girls will swoon over.


Stock Your Medicine Cabinet

Even if you’re a low-maintenance guy, a little attention to skincare can help you restore a younger appearance. The first step is to investigate a quality age-defying product. Consider choosing NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment or NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream based on what you read in Nerium International reviews. Contact a Nerium Brand Partner to hear more about the product and order your supply.


Then, select a mild cleanser and moisturizer free of oil, fragrances or harsh chemicals. The cleanser rinses dirt and oil from your face and the moisturizer keeps the skin from drying out, which is important for preventing dryness. Moisturizer also prevents your skin from producing excess oil in response to overly dry skin.


Get to Work

Wash your face morning and night with the gentle cleanser you selected. Immediately after washing your face at night, apply four to five pumps of NeriumAD to your hands and rub it gently on your face, which should still be damp from washing it. If you have trouble areas on your neck, apply NeriumAD there as well. You’ll notice your skin begin to firm up and tighten slightly, just as you read in Nerium International reviews, which is a sign that the product is already beginning to work.


Head off to bed and let NeriumAD do its job all night while you sleep. Rinse the product off in the morning  and apply a light moisturizer for a great start to the day.


Learn more about our skincare products and read Nerium International reviews by visiting the Nerium website today and connecting with us on Nerium’s LinkedIn Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.


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  • kim Cole says:

    One of my closest male friends uses Nerium AD and is enjoying the product.

  • Veronica Vasquez says:

    Love the science behind Nerium!

  • Trevor says:

    Nerium International reviews give you a chance to see what others are doing with and saying about the product. The Nerium International reviews help educate and motivate more people to use NeriumAD and the new day cream coming soon.

  • David C says:

    Nerium International reviews are essential in getting people to try this amazing product. Though I currently do not have any issues with my skin – I am using it as a preventative measure. After all – this is not just a women’s product.

  • Chelsea says:

    NeriumAD works for everyone!

  • La Rie says:

    Yes, Nerium works on Men, Too!

  • Gicelle says:

    Why not have the best face product out there NeriumAD and now the Day cream, can’t wait!!!

  • jdmaddox says:

    NeriumAD is great for men and women of all ages!!

  • pershevia smith says:

    I have a family member that loves Nerium thanks to the great Nerium International reviews!

  • cassandra villarreal says:

    i would recommend Nerium AD to all of my guys friends. I have heard that it works great!

  • Maria M says:

    I think that its great that Nerium can be used by both Men and Women and that way we can both maintain a good skin tone and have a great self esteem about ourselves.

  • Misty says:

    Men love NeriumAD and they give positive Nerium International Reviews because it works for them too!

  • Sandra says:

    After reading all the Nerium International Reviews, my father decided to give NeriumAD a try and now he’s writing his own Nerium International Reviews about how the product has changed his life!!!!

    Go Dad, and Go Nerium Family!!!!

  • Setria James says:

    Nerium International reviews give potential customers an honest perspective on the product.

  • Dominquette Montgomery says:

    Nerium International Reviews give so much important information regarding Nerium AD for men and women…’s exciting how many lives are touched with our product!!

  • Marie C says:

    My Husband thinks the Nerium International Review really do not give true justice to how amazing this product truly is. His professional as an Engineer makes him a skeptic on everything, but after using the product and seeing the results, he now gives Nerium International positive Reviews to anyone and everyone!!

  • Laura says:

    My family read Nerium International reviews and had to try NeriumAD right away! Since then I too have tried it and love the difference in my skin!

  • Mrs Cherry says:

    Its good to see that men are taking skincare seriously and Nerium Int’l has embraced it.

  • Gretchen says:

    Nerium International Reviews…this product has GREAT reviews and I recommend it to any male wanting to keep up with his lady; in looking youthful. Nerium International Reviews are great for personal research of anti-aging products.

  • Chris D says:

    Using NeriumAD can both help fix damage that’s already done, as well as help prepare for when your ruggedly manly lifestyle catches up with your skin!

  • Allison Stillman says:

    Nerium International reviews led us to find a product that works on both men and women! I have never seen a product that works better than Nerium AD! The Nerium International reviews are a great resource for more information on this amazing product!

  • Betsy Smith says:

    Nerium is so easy to use that even men love it!

  • sue bradley says:

    Nerium has changed our families lives. My 17 yr old son and Dad are Nerium addicts!

  • julia James says:

    All the good Nerium International Reviews are true! My husband uses and loves NeriumAD! He loves the changes he has seen in his skin..and he loves that it’s simple to use!!!

  • A. Waldron says:

    After reading the Nerium International Reviews, and seeing all the amazing results the men are getting too, what guy would ‘t jump at the chance to look younger?

  • Samara Keller says:

    My husband loves it! He lost an entire wrinkle across his forehead and discoloration gone!

    His only complaint is that he catches himself looking in the mirror more!

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Nerium International Reviews are the reason my Son decided to try Nerium AD. The Nerium International Review validate why everyone should be using Nerium. The Nerium Customer base is men and women from 18 to 99.

  • Heather Summers says:

    My husband loves his NeriumAD results! His lines on his forehead are almost gone and crows feet are looking much better too!

  • Kari Knotts says:

    My husband has been using #Nerium since the first day I started. He just asked tonight when do we get the Day Cream? Also using #Nerium? Ex-husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law!

  • Daye Proffit says:

    Nerium International reviews show the broad application of the amazing NeriumAD. Before Nerium, I never would have know how important proper skin care is. I love this!

  • Libby Sanders says:

    My husband loves using NeriumAD and always takes it with him when he travels. I love that he can share it with friends and co-workers because all the great Nerium International reviews speak for themselves!

  • audrea says:

    Nerium Internaional reviews get a huge thumbs from my better half! My husband loves the NeriumAD product and has had amazing results at 30 years of age and proudly shares his before and after photos!

  • Kathi says:

    Nerium International reviews have really shed some great light on how valuable this product is for women and men alike! It is great to hear stories from real people.

  • Michelle Hamm Langhi says:

    The men in my life love NeriumAD!!! If you’ve got skin, then NeriumAD will work for you…

  • Lori Ann Wilkinson says:

    A friend of mine read the Nerium International Reviews after she saw my posts on FB about Nerium International and called me up excited not only to try the product herself but also become a Brand Partner!

  • Debra Lindy says:

    Men love #NeriumAD because it makes their skin smoother and makes shaving so much easier! Nerium is a great product!

  • Debra Lindy says:

    My son in law uses NeriumAD, loves it, and attributes his discovering the product to all the Nerium International reviews he read online.

  • Mindy Anderson says:

    Nerium for men has made a big impact.

  • Angela Rogers says:

    NeriumAD Rocks!

  • Scott Khouri says:

    Men love it! Especially after reading the Nerium Internationa reviews.

  • Nerium International reviews are in! Men love NeriumAD and are getting amazing results! Get your bottle today!

  • Amber Waltemate says:

    Nerium is perfect for men…one step! My husband doesn’t do “products”…but he does use Nerium

  • Amber Waltemate says:

    Thanks to the positive Nerium International Reviews, many men in my life have chosen to start taking care of their skin. Thanks Nerium International reviews for not only having positive reviews but an amazing product that has real results!

  • My husband LOVES NeriumAD! Before he goes to bed, he brushes his teeth and applies NeriumAD. SIMPLE and FABULOUS!

  • Danny Gasemy says:

    Nerium International Reviews is what my friend read to decide to try the NeriumAD and loves it now!!!

  • Susan Centeno says:

    Finally got my husband to start using Nerium! He loves it as much as I do now! Men can sometimes be a bit hesitant because they think its “lady” stuff to actually care about how you age. The simplicity of this product appeals to men!!

  • Mary Bergin McCracken says:

    Nerium International Reviews are sincere and real. A dear friend loves using NeriumAD and has had incredible results. At 65 he is hip and young at heart. Nerium International Reviews are the reason he jumped in with both feet and can’t wait for the new daycream!

  • Live Aloha says:

    Based on all the Nerium International reviews it’s no wonder the company has broken every record in the industry. The first Nerium International review I read solidified my belief in this company. We love what it does to our skin and what it’s doing for our freedom.

  • Keely Gaston Nations says:

    My husband uses NeriumAD and might be more obsessed than I am!

  • J Branch says:

    Applying Nerium daily was a new process for me. I’m glad it is now a daily ritual.

  • Rachel Berry says:

    You have to try NeriumAD and see for yourself! I won’t sell you on it…. the Nerium international reviews are great because they are based on real people seeing real results.

  • Susan Kosta says:

    My husband loves Nerium.
    He loves how his face feels after shaving in the morning.

  • Bea Shaw says:

    My husband uses Nerium nightly. He travels a lot and never leaves home without it. Amazing how he took my bottle early one morning while I was asleep when he realized he was out of product. Can you say hooked!

  • Andy Lockhart says:

    I have been using Nerium for over a year and it is an Awesome product, I was always like to joke for men it is a two step process, Step 1 Wash Your Face, Step 2 apply NeriumAD.

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