Nerium Salutes its Workers this Labor Day

What are your plans for Labor Day this year? Nerium wants to remind you to have fun, create a positive team spirit and a family atmosphere, and pursue constant development of self. After all, Labor Day – a US holiday observed on the first Monday in September – was established to celebrate the social and economic contributions of the country’s workers.

Nerium Labor Day

These days, Labor Day marks the end of summer, a weekend of barbecues, parades, and the start of the NFL and college football seasons. Here’s how to enjoy the long weekend and build your Nerium business by living out our core values.


Have Fun

Being a Nerium business owner can be one of the most positive aspects of your life. Have fun this Labor Day weekend by taking a road trip with your Brand Partners. Spend time getting to know one another and help each other to have fun. Think of it as a fun business trip, a chance to break out of the ordinary routine and get inspiration for furthering your business with your Brand Partners at your side.


Create a Positive Team Spirit and a (Nerium) Family Atmosphere

If a road trip is out of the question, get together with your upline or other Brand Partners on your team and spend time together. Enjoy a meal together, work on your Nerium dream boards, and get to know one another!


Pursue Constant Development of Self

A long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy personal development. Take the extra time to study up on business aspects you haven’t considered before; schedule a massage or visit a day spa with your Brand Partners for a little pampering; or host a special Real Results Party on the holiday weekend to get even more people in on the fun.


Schedule out your Labor Day weekend now so nothing gets in the way of a spirited, fun-filled weekend of self-development.


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