Nerium Networking Tips

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Nerium is exceedingly easy to share, because once people see the amazing results available with Nerium skincare products, they want to be part of helping others achieve those results as well. Grounded in real science, and proven to have real results, NeriumAD is the perfect choice for relationship marketing, because once you know about Nerium, you can’t help but share your excitement. The trick in building a successful business is to know how to network, which involves using a variety of tools:

Nerium Social Media

Use social media to build your community. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are all excellent social media platforms you can use to spread the news about Nerium. Use Facebook and Twitter to start conversations and build excitement about all that Nerium offers, and show people on YouTube and Pinterest, through visual representations of what Nerium can do.

Personal Communications

Make sure to spend enough time in real life. While online tools are plentiful, there’s nothing quite like getting out among real people. The most successful Nerium Brand Partners are those who attend every event, to meet new people and create connections through shared events and experiences. In addition, participation in Nerium events can energize you by helping you to connect with those who are already excited about the product. Attend Nerium events, and host events of your own, to build your base of support and expand your network.

Business Cards

The printed word is not outdated. Do not neglect your business cards and other tangible means of promoting yourself, because what people often remember most is what they’ve held in their hands. Keep your name in front of the faces of potential clients, and they’ll likely call you for more information. These are available through your Online Business Center.
The key to building a successful business with Nerium is to use every method at your disposal to keep yourself in the minds of potential customers. Fortunately, one of the greatest things about working with Nerium is that while you are in business for yourself, you are never in it alone. The Nerium team is like an extended family, ready to support Brand Partners in their endeavors. Remember that as you are planning your approach, and ask for advice and help from your mentors in the company. Visit the website for a wealth of information, and don’t forget to connect with the vast online Nerium community on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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  • Nerium allows me to continue building relationships with so many people. Utilizing social media helps us brand partners to build our Nerium business with even more people; amazing!

  • Nerium has become a part of who I am…I am constantly sharing both the product and the Nerium opportunity! Just sorting to find those who want either!

  • pershevia smith says:

    Nerium has a great social media outlet. It is a great way for everyone to share experiences while also learning about the company!!

  • Use Nerium to make friends, build relationships, network your business. Social Media can keep everyone informed of all the good news and work regarding Nerium International.

  • Our Nerium family is always so willing to help! I’ve heard of Nerium brand leaders contributing their time! Nerium also has such great resources in order to show you how to be succcessful in EVERYTHING you do!!

  • Trevor says:

    Nerium is so easy to share in so many ways you can always make sure everyone you know knows about NeriumAD. Have fun doing it as well.

  • cherry stovall says:

    Using Social Media to advertise is simple yet extremely effective. Using business cards and going into places you would normally avoid due to it being so busy is effective as well.This is how Nerium has went viral, everyone using every mean to get the word out.

  • Dana Jackson says:

    Nerium provides so many ways to build your business! I love Nerium and all they do for us!!

  • Phoebe G says:

    Nerium is awesome!. These are the best networking tips. They’re all great avenues for promoting your business!

  • Nerium has such a vast array of information on-line! I love using Social Media and Facebook to promote my Nerium business. Posting of my before and after pics makes a huge difference!

  • David C says:

    Networking is vital in building your Nerium business. The use of business cards and social media generates continuing interest in your Nerium Business

  • nancy h says:

    Nerium provides many ways to share this wonderful product and company, virtually through Social Media, in print with business cards and magazines and face to face, sharing the Real Results from NeriumAD.

  • Chelsea says:

    Nerium is all about networking! It’s easy to succeed if you make communication a priority.

  • Matthew T. says:

    Nerium and social media go hand in hand. The more people you reach out to using social media the faster your business will grow and more lifes will be changed by Nerium.

  • Christopher Duncan says:

    The myriad of ways available to network with your Nerium prospects to the full extent may seem daunting; remember that everything (social media, the Nerium Communications Center, the Real Results Party, and simple face to face conversations) are all tools that you have at your disposal, ready to help you earn more sales and add more members to your Nerium family!

  • Erica Chang says:

    Connect with people through Social Media. Spread the Nerium Ripple and change someones life.

  • diedre townsend-taylor says:

    Nerium Continues to stay in the loop with all New up to date ways of Networking and promoting your Nerium Business. Nerium continues to challenge us to be successful and One of the many ways to do so is thru Networking.

  • Angela Rogers says:

    Nerium is awesome when it comes to social media, anything you need it is at a stroke of a mouse. Nerium International beleive’s in the next generation so we are at one with the social world.

  • Marie C says:

    Nerium has introduced me to amazing customers, that also feel like real extended family members. Nerium has everything a successful business prospect would need to start an amazing journey!!

  • says:

    No matter how you market Nerium AD your colleagues and everyone in the support team are there to help you better your business

  • Get connected and see what Nerium is doing for people.

  • Nerium is a product that works and networks. It is easy to share info. on social networks, but also, Nerium users are a “walking billboard” for the product, as people ask, “What did you do to get that glow?”.

  • JRICHARD says:

    The Nerium tip about personal communications is so crucial! Being forthright in your personal communications to current customers as well as prospects can spread the Nerium ripple much further.

  • Kayla W says:

    Nerium provides many tools for networking your business. In order to promote your Nerium business you have to meet people, talk with people and share your story with people. The social media and communication tools are fantastic, but you must have personal communications and network as well to be successful.

  • Nerium has given us incredible tools to build our business. I am also using social media to connect with people and friends who live in other states. I now have Nerium teams across the US enjoying their amazing skin and also earning extra income! Nerium is changing lives! Love it!

  • I Tolbert says:

    At Nerium, the field has a vast amount of resources to drive them to success!

  • La Rie says:

    Nerium builds character, by making it easy to be part of helping others achieve great results in appearance and business.

  • Daye Proffit says:

    Nerium understands that the size of your network dictates the size of your net worth. Thank you Nerium for providing such excellent support!

  • stormyj says:

    Social Networking is a great way to share your Nerium Experience!

  • Hollie S. says:

    NeriumAD can be shared online and in person. Just make sure that you are utilizing both to their full advantage and keep in mind that some people want the online Nerium information, while others choose to see this in person.

  • Misty says:

    There are many ways to share Nerium, but building relationships is the most important!

  • Robc says:

    Nerium has so much information to share.

  • dennis windsor says:

    Nerium events are amazing! People are looking for something that is “real” and Nerium is delivering!!!

  • Quintessential says:

    Network marketing with Nerium is essential to building your business with a strong doundation. A foundations that is built on establishing geat realtionships.

  • Ninja Mel says:

    I feel Nerium is a wonderful way to share a terrific product. Nerium AD shows real results.

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    Nerium International provides so many practical tips and tools. Building relationships is what Nerium International is all about!

  • Maria M says:

    Its great that Nerium has all these social media ways to keep all of our Brand Partners and Customers updated on everything that is happening.

  • Denise V says:

    Nerium provides the brand partners many methods to help in the growth of their business. Brand partners have the opportunity to use all of the great networking sites to promote their business.

  • benjamin peacock says:

    Not only has Nerium helped my skin, it has also helped me grow as a person. As a brand partner, I have access to a plethora of training materials, one on one support from my direct upline, conference calls, team building, and so much more. I am so PROUD to be part of the NERIUM FAMILY! We learn together, we celebrate together, and we GROW together. Plant the seed, cultivate the seed, and finally harvest your crop! THANK YOU NERIUM…..for giving me hope, purpose, confidence, and drive! HOORAY FOR NERIUM AND MY NERIUM FAMILY!!!!!! 🙂

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