Nerium Receives Community Impact Award from BBBS

nerium_bbbs_award_1Yesterday, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) presented Nerium International with the Community Impact Award at its 2013 National Conference in Denver, CO. This honor recognizes a Big Brothers Big Sisters partner whose energy and unparalleled generosity has impacted the Big Brothers Big Sisters community.


“Nerium’s support and creativity are transforming how we carry out the service to our youth in communities around this country,” says BBBSA’s CEO, Charles Pierson.


Investing in others

neriumripple_logoNerium International believes in investing in others, which is what inspired us to launch The Nerium Ripple, a program based on “individually taking responsibility, collectively changing the world.” The Nerium Ripple’s core cause is to create positive change, or positive ripples, in everyday life; to create an environment that fuels camaraderie, sharing, and growth; and to pay it forward and create a better world in the process.
In an effort to further The Nerium Ripple, Nerium International partnered with BBBSA in September of 2012, as the organization embodies Nerium’s belief in the “paying it forward” philosophy in a real and practical way.


Nerium encouraging others

Nerium has encouraged our Independent Brand Partners to join with BBBSA in a variety of ways: by becoming a “Big,” donating a percentage of their commissions, and/or participating in local “Bowl for Kids’ Sakes” events. Over the past year, Nerium International and our Brand Partners have donated over $300,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters and hundreds of Brand Partners and Nerium employees have volunteered to be “Bigs.”
Says Nerium’s Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing and Culture, Amber Olson Rourke, “The biggest ripple you can create is through impacting the life of another. Big Brothers Big Sisters is a natural extension of The Nerium Ripple. We enjoy seeing Nerium Brand Partners fill the need of ‘Bigs’ across the country and impacting their community in a ‘big’ way!”


Join the mission

The mission of Big Brothers Big Sisters is to foster positive and enduring one-to-one mentor relationships with children facing adversity. Learn more at
Have you gotten involved with helping Nerium support BBBSA?

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  • pershevia smith says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is that it is truly a product that provides Real Results!!

  • Chelsea says:

    BBBSA is a great partner for Nerium! Both companies are all about making positive, lasting change in the lives of others!

  • Chris D says:

    NeriumAD has certainly changed my life; I’ve made friends that I know think of as family, and working has never been more fun and exciting. It’s so great to see the Nerium Ripple spread to those who need it!

  • kbs1138 says:

    Love what Nerium is doing! It’s great that the Nerium Ripple is benefiting children already that will have a big impact on this world’s future.

  • Shannon Rothstein says:

    We had the privilege of hosting a Nerium Bowling for Kid’s Sake here in Minnesota. Through that event, I learned so much about this organization. So Blessed to be apart of Nerium Intl who supports this organization!

  • David C says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on
    my life is the giving back philosophy. Outside of Nerium – I try to give to those who can use my help or expertise.

  • Padraic McCracken says:

    Way to go Nerium!! Such an incredible ripple!!

  • Stefie Janssen says:

    The most incredible effect Nerium AD had had on my life is improving my relationships through my own personal development.

  • Susan Irlbeck says:

    The most incredible impact Nerium AD has on my life has been the amazing leadership, training, personal development we are encouraged to achieve. Taking time to share with others and taking time to live a better life.

  • Aghabi says:

    “The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is…” in exposing my true colors! Thank you Nerium for assisting me in becoming a better person.

  • Caroline Clark Russell says:

    NeriumAD has had a huge impact on me and my family’s life! We are spending our time and finances pouring into our church and community, this is something we would not be able to do without Nerium!

  • Sunshower Rose says:

    Nerium has impacted my life on LOTS of levels. One of those has been my willingness to give back to my community through becoming a Big with BBBS! Thank you, Nerium.

  • Daye Proffit says:

    Yea, Team Nerium!! Once again, Nerium leads with the heart and wins!!

  • Nerium has received another award! Nerium changes lives daily. I am proud to be part of such an incredible company that also gives back to the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization!

  • nancy h says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on
    my life is looking younger than a lot of people my age.

  • Debra Lindy says:

    the most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life iS not only did it change my face and improve the texture of my skin but it improve my confidence and I was able to go out and share this product with people and change their lives too! Nerium is the best company I’ve ever been involved with!

  • Carol Kline says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is allowing me to put my love of helping to daily use. I love the people I work with, especially watching them bloom–as they succeed and start dreaming big again about their lives.

  • Kim says:

    The most incredible effect Nerium AD has had on my life is that I have a new sense of purpose and hope for the future. Paying it forward to as many people as possible like Nerium International has done for me and my family.

  • Bradley Jon Thompson says:

    Being a part of Nerium is SO much more than promoting a great product and a great company. The Nerium Ripple is a daily affect created by the tens of thousands of everyday people at Nerium, helping others by both small and large acts of kindness, generousity, monetarily, and simply giving of our time to others.

  • sue bradley says:

    The more Nerium gives us the more we cant help but turn around and give to others. Proud to be apart of such an uplifting movement! Nerium ROCKS!

  • Tina Jersey says:

    I totally agree Bradley, our Nerium Family is a true blessing!

  • Angie Stumbo says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is opening the door to speak to others about real changes, real hope and real purpose. Thank you!

  • Rick Torres says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is the sincere family atmosphere that is projected from the very top to all the Brand Partners that in one way or another touches your life in such a positive way….

  • Tracy Anderson says:

    The most incredible impact Nerium AD has had on my life is to allow me to take control over it financially by building me as an individual so that I can positively impact the lives of others.

  • Maria M says:

    It feels great to know that I am part of a great company that has a great affect on others especially being a big part of BBBs.

  • Misty says:

    Nerium has a great partnership with BBBS – it’s great to see this company making a positive impact in people’s lives!

  • Thelma Day says:

    The most incredible impact Nerium has on my life is the new friends that this amazing company has given me. The new life of happiness and knowing there will be financial freedom in my future.

  • Gretchen Anderson says:

    I love that Nerium international is committed to giving back!! The The Nerium Family has huge hearts!

  • Brice Reynolds says:

    Nerium International is a game changing company! We are so proud to be a part of history in the making. Congratulations on this award from Big Brothers & Big Sisters!

  • fetah says:

    “The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is really being able to dream big and know that everything I want I will achieve. Nerium touches so many lives and has already had such a positive ripple in the world. I just completed my application to become a Big Sister, thanks Nerium!

  • Tammy Fitzloff Bullock says:

    The most incredible effect of Nerium AD for me has been the positive personal development I’ve gotten with this company! All about helping others while helping myself become a better person!

  • Gens Johnson says:

    I have NEVER been associated with a company like Nerium, International. I kid all the time with my friends saying this company was made for me…Nerium, Int is a true blessing to this world!!! SO HONORED to be a part of this amazing journey!!!

  • Lisa Kirtley Moore says:

    The most incredible effect Nerium AD has had on my life is the courage to step outside of my comfort zone and make new friends. Nerium AD has given me the tools I need to approach people and speak to them about this amazing product, which is something I never would have done before. I am becoming a better person inside and out because of Nerium AD.

  • Pam Carmichael Waxlax says:

    The most incredible impact NeriumAD has had on my life is a renewed sense of purpose and belief that you can have all you desire with a good system and alot of hard work. And the renewing of friendships long past..

  • Tom Doiron says:

    It makes me proud to be a part of such a looking, caring, and sharing company like Nerium. $300,000 given to Big Brothers and Big Sisters to mentor future Americans. What a way to pay it forward and it beats the heck out of a lot of jaw bumping.

  • Zoe Morris says:

    Nerium has impacted my life in a Big Way…. and the Ripple Effect with BBBS has changed many lives as well. I currently have a Little Sister and sooo enjoy spending time with her. She has been an amazing blessing in my life. I started the program thinking about giving back but received more than you can imagine. Life is an echo… what you send out comes back to you!

  • Catherine Ralston says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is encouraging me to trust, simplify, and have more fun.

  • Renwme Dee says:

    That is a big achievement !!

  • Linda Diesel-Carter says:

    The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is working with people who have made the strength of this company by Loving, Caring, Sharing from the heart.

  • audrea says:

    I am not sure that there are words to express the gratitude, freedom, and opportunity that I have experienced in my 5 months with nerium international. This opportunity has taken my personal goals, focus on others, and vision for my future to the next level. The most incredible effect NeriumAD has had on my life is that it has magnified my abilities to serve others!

  • Jackie McCleskey says:

    The most incredible impact Nerium AD has had on my life is the ability to share a Real Product with Real Results and a Real Opportunity! This incredible company has helped me to become the best that I can be which in return helps my network of people to become the best they can be! I love to LOVE CARE and SHARE!

  • Sheila Hallam says:

    The most incredible impact that NeriumAD has had on my life is bringing back the joy and fun. I love to help people (my joy) and our mission is “Make People Better” this is overflowing into Big Brothers and Big Sisters where we are helping kids. So proud to be a part of a company that promotes people giving back to others MORE than making money (though we do that too big time).

  • Scott Khouri says:

    The most incredible impact NeriumAD has had on my life is the personal development, which has allowed me to grow into a better person and leader. There is nothing more fulfilling than working with like-minded, positive people who want the best for themselves and each other!

  • The most incredible impact Nerium AD has had on my life is the most amazing friendships I have made.

  • Lori Kaiser says:

    The most incredible impact Nerium AD has had on my life is being able to help change other people’s lives! Nerium AD has given me hope about my financial future and is changing my life as I help others change theirs.

  • Carolyn Pole says:

    The most incredible affect NeriumAD has had in my life is to create a community of incredible people that I can join with to be able to share goodness and happiness via a product that really works, in a business culture intent on making people better. We can have fun, connect, grow, prosper and have a positive effect on others in the process.

  • Astara Summers says:

    Nerium has impacted my life first through the product itself and second through the process of stepping into Nerium as a business. I have meet and become friends with people I either barely knew or didn’t know at all. I am excited to grow my team to the next level. It is stretching me in ways i hadn’t expected.

  • Hollie S. says:

    Now this is a huge impact on how Nerium International goes BIG with everything Loving, Caring and Sharing!

  • Sherry Johnson says:

    NeriumAD is a company that’s not only making a difference in people’s skin but is truly changing lives. Nerium partnering with BBBS is yet another way Nerium makes people better!

  • Paul P says:

    I am so proud to be associated with a company the is dedicated to giving back. Nerium has changed my life by allowing me to elevate others lives as well.

  • Sandy S says:

    It is so wonderful to be involved with the fine people of Nerium International – truly generous hearts, caring and sharing for others in need!! Not to mention the fabulous skin cream!! The most incredible impact Nerium AD has had on my life is the REAL changes it has made to the wrinkles. Get on the Nerium rocket ship and reach for the stars!!

  • Ellen Bishop Little says:

    Make no mistake; Nerium is not just about face cream! Nerium has impacted our lives in so many ways; we are proud and blessed that Nerium found us (thank you Tari and John!), and we have a mission to be part of an organization that is changing lives every day!

  • disqus_t7vVG2jMHx says:

    I’m very proud of Nerium for partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters. BBBS is very close to my heart as I was a Big for over 10yrs and my little brother is now over 30yrs old and is considered part of our family as well as his mother is. So glad that Nerium gives back in so many ways!

  • cj miller says:

    Wow! What an honor to be given that award from an organization known for giving and impacting young childrens live. The greatest impact NeriumAD has made on my life is without a doubt the the improvement of the tone and texture of my skin confidence is at an all time high.

  • Live Aloha says:

    Nerium is a REAL company that REALLY cares. Nerium is changing lives in so many ways . . . it is detined for greatness

  • Libby Sanders says:

    Nerium is on a mission to impact lives in a positive way. This company has helped me be more intentional in all areas of my life. What a gift!

  • Anne Kerry Ford says:

    Nerium is a proud supporter of Big Brothers, Big Sisters, which makes me proud to be a part of Nerium!

  • Astara Summers says:

    recognition to a job well done ! Wonderful 🙂 to all those from the Nerium family and to all the “littles” and the “bigs” ~sharing the love

  • Allison Stillman says:

    I am so proud to be a part of a company that truly gives back. Nerium really is about making people better, my life has changed dramatically working with this loving, caring and sharing company!!

  • Lisa Hicks Clark says:

    WOW another major accomplishment for Nerium International!!!! Changing the world one step at a time!!!!

  • Patt Timlin says:

    More REAL RESULTS! Woot Woot for Nerium International! While I am thrilled with younger looking skin, Big Brothers Big Sisters is actually giving these kids a childhood they never had by giving them hope for their future. We all learn in network marketing that we succeed by helping other succeed. What a way to model that! Go Nerium International!

  • lovestalkradio says:

    BBBS is near and dear to my heart. The school I used to be a Big at had to cancel their program due to funding a couple years ago. That the company I have chosen to be a part of – @NeriumIntl – is participating in helping #BBBS in such a tremendous way is just heartwarming!

  • Bonnie Jean Evans says:

    Thank you Nerium for caring!

  • jeanice says:

    Nerium is amazing…Nerium is really about making people better. Thank you Nerium!

  • cfraire says:

    We apologize for your experience, if you are still experiencing issues feel free to email

  • valerie Holloway says:

    Nerium International is such a great opportunity and it gives back to Big Brother Big sisters and Biotechnology research. You have got to see how else this company gives back!

  • Scott says:

    Congratulations Nerium International I am so proud to be a part of this company!

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