Nerium Skincare | How to Juggle Your Family and Your Nerium Business Part 1

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It can be difficult to juggle your family and your Nerium skincare business. Work life and family life are two very different aspects of your week, but it’s possible to strike a balance between the two without the guilt and stress that often accompanies being a working parent. Here are three ways to help your Nerium skincare business and your family flourish.

shutterstock_70102555Put Away the Guilt

Don’t dwell on the fact that being a working parent prevents you from spending as much time with your children. Instead, picture how your role as a Nerium Brand Partner benefits your family. For example, perhaps the extra income opens doors to better educational or recreational activities for your children. Maybe the money you make is going toward a college fund you would otherwise not be able to afford.


Accept that there will be good days and bad days. Don’t feel as though you’re alone; talk with your partner for support or discuss your feelings with friends to prevent your emotions from bottling up inside.


Delegate Responsibilities

Owning a Nerium skincare business is mercifully flexible, but your partner’s and children’s schedules might not be. Figure out how you want mornings to flow, who’s going to buy groceries, and what family meals should look like. Do certain tasks yourself and assign others to your partner and children (if they’re old enough).


Create a Family Calendar

Write whatever’s most important to your family on a calendar and hang it in a frequently viewed location. It might include when bills are due, the kids’ chores, birthdays, family outings, school events and more. If everyone has a Smartphone, consider a calendar app that updates on everyone’s devices and helps prevent scheduling conflicts. Then, set 15 minutes aside every Sunday to discuss the upcoming week’s events to make sure everyone is on the same page.


Nerium Skincare

These four steps are sure to help you begin balancing work and home life. For more tips, be sure to read part 2 of this series. Then, to learn more about Nerium skincare, please visit the Nerium website and connect with us on our social media platforms.


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