Nerium International Core Values: Practice Servant Leadership

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The job of Nerium leadership isn’t to boss Brand Partners around; it’s to remove obstacles and enable you to share the best skincare products with those around you. It’s to serve you and make your business as successful as possible. At Nerium International, leadership understands that selfless service is the key to true success. That’s why they practice servant leadership.

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The business world is only becoming more aggressive, and Nerium International understands that creative Brand Partners making good decisions is imperative for success. That’s why Nerium leadership puts the needs of Brand Partners and Preferred Customers first.


Just how does Nerium International practice servant leadership?

By listening to you. Call the Nerium support team for assistance from real people, not recordings. Submit questions on Nerium’s Support Center and get real answers that remove obstacles from your path.

By appreciating you. Some companies try to catch people when they do something wrong, but Nerium rewards the things you do right by providing incredible incentives, such as iPads and Lexus bonuses, for reaching your goals.

By respecting you. Every Brand Partner garners as much respect from Nerium leadership as the company CEO.

By helping you develop. From local events to national events, Nerium helps you develop personally and professionally. The company teaches you how to run a successful business, make a healthy income, and become more self-confident.

By unleashing you. As a Brand Partner, you are your own boss. You are self-motivated to meet your goals and improve your life. Still, you’re not alone; you have complete access to incredible tools from Nerium to help ensure your success with sharing the best skincare products with everyone around you.


To learn more about our Core Values, be sure to read the other blogs in our Nerium International Core Values series. Then, for more information regarding Nerium’s best skincare products, be sure to also connect with us on Nerium’s LinkedIn Page and Nerium’s Pinterest page.

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