The Power of Team Building with Nerium

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What makes the Nerium business opportunity so different in a very crowded marketplace is the simplicity and compounding power of the commission plan. This is the “engine” that will propel your Nerium business from a small, part-time income to the potential of a full-time – even dream – income!

Our model is not that different than a vehicle. To make it go, it needs energy and propulsion. The more horsepower – the faster it will go and the quicker it will arrive at its destination. We built the Nerium business model & compensation plan on a clear philosophy – simple, yet lucrative.
It takes very simple efforts to get your business moving down the road. ANYONE can do this!! Just simply get started, start sharing and get your first three team members!! Once you have created this very small “engine,” you simply need to duplicate these efforts – giving your engine more horsepower! This simple path will take you along the Roadmap to Lexus.

Before long, your team will have grown large enough that you’ll need others to help you maintain it. Grow your network and find others that want to build your business with you!

This is where the real strength of the Nerium Compensation Plan shows its power! Once you achieve Senior Director (not easy – but simple!!), you can see where the road leads to (NMD and beyond!) and understand better how to get there! All you really need is patience, time and determination!

One of Nerium’s core values is to, “slow down to go fast.” Haste makes waste. It may take a little time, but before long, the small team that you started CAN (not will – that depends on YOU) grow into a powerful business with a life of its own. With the help of your growing team, this massive business can take you wherever you’d like to go!!

It’s like our founder, Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge, “It is the steady, repeated action of water that can wear even the hardest rock to a smooth surface. Whatever you’re after, whatever you want to create in your life or whatever kind of life you most passionately want to live, the slight edge is the way to get it.” These slight, repeated actions are the ones that will build your team and your business. Make your daily exposures and keep up the slow build. Before long, you’ll be amazed at the power of your business!!

No matter if it takes you a few months or a few years to achieve some of your initial financial goals with Nerium, you CAN have a very bright future and enhance your & your team’s lives in so many ways!! You may start a little slow but only time and persistency stand in your way to living your dreams with Nerium!

Paul J. Meyer said “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve!”

Buckle up! Get ready for a long, thrilling and adventurous ride of a lifetime!!

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