Nerium: A Ripple Story from Angie

Because Nerium is devoted to “Making People Better,” we launched The Nerium Ripple program, which challenges Independent Brand Partners to individually take responsibility and collectively change the world. Here’s a Ripple Story from Angie, a real Nerium Brand Partner who strives to create a better world by paying it forward:

Paying It Forward


In October 2012 I threw my children’s annual Halloween party, but with a new twist. Instead of just throwing a party for their closest friends, we would use the party to create a ripple effect to benefit the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation. My 13-year-old, Cade, and 11-year-old, Callie, raised nearly $850 to donate to the foundation.

In addition to the money, we asked many of Cade’s and Callie’s friends to write words of encouragement to a teens in the foundation organization. They offered such sincere words! I am really blessed that these children spoke from the heart to strangers who might need it. The kids at the Halloween party made a video of themselves saying…

“We are creating a RIPPLE!”

Truly The Nerium Ripple program is truly making an amazing difference in the lives of so many, both young and old! Thanks so much for all you do, Nerium! I’m proud to be associated with this organization company!


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