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By January 22, 2013Community

Nerium International is a company that believes in improving lives, and that means plenty of opportunities for giving back. Nerium gives back to the community and encourages its Brand Partners to do the same. Furthermore, Brand Partners give back to customers, and Nerium gives back to the Brand Partners. It’s an all-around beneficial situation that supports Nerium’s deep-rooted belief that small actions make all the difference… that each person can make a difference… and that, in turn, makes the world a better place.

Community Outreach



The Nerium Ripple

Community outreach is a big part of Nerium’s corporate culture. A recent series of free workshops that were part of the Fall Bash Tour impacted 800 teens, inspiring them with the book SUCCESS for Teens: Real Teens Talk about Using the Slight Edge. These workshops focused on teaching teens how to make good decisions in every aspect of their lives, by using the principles embraced by Nerium’s founder, Jeff Olson.  Olson and other speakers talked to the teenagers about how small decisions lead up to life-changing situations, and shared their own stories of personal development and success. It’s all part of the Nerium Ripple, which focuses on individually taking responsibility to collectively change the world. As part of this effort, Nerium also participates in programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and other charitable outreaches.

Big Brothers Big Sisters


Big Brothers Big Sisters is only one part of the Nerium Ripple commitment to community outreach. The work done through this organization is significant, providing an opportunity for Brand Partners to positively impact the lives of young people in their communities. The financial and volunteer support from Nerium International allows Big Brothers Big Sisters to carefully match disadvantaged children with long-term mentors who will help them to achieve their goals in school and in life. This is a natural fit for Nerium Brand Partners, who have a natural enthusiasm for sharing the secrets of success with others, and it’s an effective way to create the kind of long lasting ripples that Nerium strives to achieve.


The support that Nerium gives its Brand Partners encourages them to give back to the community around them. From the time a Brand Partner joins forces with Nerium, he or she is part of a nurturing community where experienced Brand Partners mentor newcomers, helping them to grow the business, and forming lasting connections, in a network of support and cooperation.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this culture of outreach and generosity, become a Nerium Brand Partner. To learn more about Nerium skincare products or to read Nerium reviews, please visit our website. Then connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest to learn more.

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