How to Host a Nerium Real Results Party

By January 21, 2013Facts

Nerium International produces an easily share-able and highly effective skincare product. That’s why relationship marketing works so well for Nerium, because the company is based on real people, selling products that produce real results, in order to change lives. For a new Nerium Brand Partner, the first step in launching this brand new business is a Nerium Real Results Party, to share Nerium results and opportunities with others.

This is going to be fun!

All the materials you’ll need to host your Real Results Party are in your Business Launch Kit, but the main thing you’ll need is enthusiasm. If you’re a new Brand Partner, you’re probably already quite excited about this new venture, and ready to share the good news about Nerium with the world. That’s the point of the party! Rather than a high-pressure sales pitch, a Real Results Party offers a high-level overview of the remarkable results people experience with NeriumAD, and the amazing opportunities presented by Nerium International. Let your infectious enthusiasm overflow, as you relax and enjoy your party, while introducing Nerium to your guests.

The Guest List

As a general rule, only half the people you invite will be able to attend, so invite twice as many people as you’d like to have at your party. Call your guests to invite them, and encourage them to bring a guest. Follow up with a postcard or email, and a day or two before the party, call to confirm your guests’ attendance. If you’re inviting people who are already part of Nerium, ask them to share their stories at the party. Let your guests know what to expect: a meet–and-greet, light snacks, and a 30-45 minute presentation about a product and opportunity you want to share with them.

Preparation is Key

A few days before your party, watch the Real Results Party Training DVD. Shop for snacks and beverages, but remember to keep it simple. Coffee and dessert, chips and soda, or lemonade and cookies are probably as complicated as you need to go with the refreshments, because you want to be able to relax and enjoy your guests. Make sure you have plenty of Nerium promotional items on hand, like brochures, pamphlets, and the Real Results Flipbook.


On the day of the party, don’t rearrange your furniture or put out extra seating. You want the first guests who arrive to feel at home, and as the usual seating area begins to fill, there will be plenty of time to pull out an extra chair or some throw pillows for the floor. Instead, use your time to get ready, so you’ll be relaxed when guests arrive. It’s also recommended that you attach your computer to your television, in the interest of looking up additional videos online after your DVD presentation, or using the website to purchase products or enroll new Brand Partners.

Down to Business

When you’re ready to make your presentation, you’ll find it extremely easy. Thank your guests for coming, share your own Nerium story with them, and then press play to start the DVD! That’s all there is to it—the DVD makes the rest of your presentation for you. After the DVD ends, you can answer questions, share your materials, and encourage your guests to enter the 90 Days Real Results contest.

Wrap it up

Wrap up your party by enrolling anyone who is interested in becoming a Brand Partner or Preferred Customer. Thank everyone for attending, and let them know when your next party will be. You should plan to host a Nerium Real Results party every 7-10 days. Remember, “The fortune is in the follow up,” so make sure to touch base with guests after the party, and thank them for their participation. Contact those who didn’t attend, and invite them to your next event!


That’s really all there is to a successful Nerium Real Results party. No high-pressure sales pitch is given, because it’s not necessary. NeriumAD has been proven effective in third-party trials for reducing the visible signs of aging. That, in and of itself, is a big enough reason to be a part of all Nerium has to offer. As a company of integrity and generosity, though, Nerium impacts lives in a much deeper way than it ever could just by producing Nerium skincare products. Visit the website to learn more, or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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