Nerium: The Mission for Global Impact

By January 17, 2013Facts


Nerium is Changing Lives for the Better

Anyone who knows anything about Nerium International knows that the company is committed to changing lives for the better. The flagship product of the Nerium Skincare line, Nerium AD, was discovered by accident, but the company operates purposefully with a dedication to the pursuit of real science, which produces real results which, in turn, offer real opportunities to real people. Nerium Brand Partners have the opportunity to build the lives they want, with a product that’s easily shared through relationship marketing, a compensation plan that spurs them to succeed, and an encouraging corporate culture that nurtures an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation.

Nerium is a U.S.-based company, producing Nerium AD from Nerium oleander plants grown on a carefully tended farm here in the United States. The commitment to changing lives, however, is more far-reaching. Founder and CEO Jeff Olson has stated that he’d like to see sales meetings on every continent, making the opportunities available through Nerium into a global phenomenon. This goal is well within the company’s reach because NeriumAD is such a groundbreaking product and the company continually pursues new scientific developments, investing a large percentage of profits back into research.

While new scientific research is the driving force that will deliver new products and build the Nerium Skincare line, it’s not the only focus of the company’s investment. People are the largest concern of the Nerium family, and the company strives to change lives not only through skincare products and business opportunities, but also through community outreach. To that end, Nerium gives back to communities through programs like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and success building workshops for teens. Believing in the Ripple Effect, and the power of changing one life at a time in order to change the world, Nerium encourages Brand Partners to find their own opportunities to reach out. As the company grows into an international success, the ripples will become larger, and will someday have a global humanitarian impact.

Change the world

If you’re ready to be a part of a company with a corporate culture of world-changing generosity and integrity, look to Nerium International. Founded by people who believe in the power of the Ripple Effect, and that the world can be changed one life at a time, Nerium is a great place to grow, thrive, and make life-altering changes. Visit the website to learn more about the real science, real results, and real opportunities that are available through Nerium, or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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