Everyone is Talking About Neora’s Clean-Meets-Performance Products

June 21, 2024  Neora™ Avatar
Everyone is Talking About Neora’s Clean-Meets-Performance Products

The word is out and Neora’s clean-meets-performance products are making headlines. From US Weekly to the Miami Herald to YahooLife, glowing reviews and media spotlights are popping up on what Neora fans have known for years: our science-backed, holistic skincare, hair care and wellness products provide multi-benefit real results that users can count on as part of their daily routines.  

Here are just a few of Neora’s recent media mentions: 

Next-Level Lashes

Neora’s latest smash hit is a 3-in-1 lash and brow serum that’s getting rave reviews. New LashLush is clinically proven to help lashes and brows look and feel longer, denser, thicker and healthier. What’s more, this product is safe, effective and delivers visible results in as little as four weeks. Neora Founder and President Amber Olson Rourke tells The Kansas City Star’s Chase Clements that LashLush is the culmination of years of research and multiple versions of the formula to get it just right. “We aimed to provide a solution that delivered on its promise of full, healthy lashes and brows, without having to resort to using ingredients that can cause potentially serious adverse reactions,” she said.  

Fun Without the Sun

Another of Neora’s multitasking products that’s getting some much-deserved buzz is 3-in-1 Self Tanning + Sculpting Foam. Not only does it deliver a beach-ready radiant glow in just 4 to 8 hours, but it also includes ingredients that sculpt and hydrate. The safe, all-natural formula boosts collagen production and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. The best part is that nobody must spend hours baking under the sun or in tanning beds while being exposed to harmful UV rays. “Now you can get that just-back-from-vacation look without leaving home,” Clements writes

Sensitive Skin Meets its Match

Those with sensitive skin know how difficult it is to find skincare products that provide real results without harsh side effects. Amber Olson Rourke co-founded Neora to provide clean, holistic, age-fighting products that work for all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin. Neora’s “clean-meets-performance” pledge means just that—all of Neora’s skincare, hair care and wellness products use only the purest and most natural ingredients that get results. She recently shared her anti-aging and skincare tips to The U.S. Sun’s Senior Lifestyle Reporter Nagdeene Jerome on how users can still get that youthful, dewy face without the harsh side effects that are often caused by many products on the market today.  

Rourke also dispels the myth that more is better when it comes to skincare products. By using some of Neora’s best-selling multifunctional products, including Double-Cleansing Face Wash, Day Cream, and Youth Factor Superfood and Antioxidant Boost Powder, no one ever has to sacrifice safety and health for beautiful results. Instead, her advice is to “be kind” to your skin and do not overwhelm it with too many products that will do more harm than good.  



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    Geralyn 3 weeks ago

    So thankful for these great, clean products!!

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    Lisa Theoharides 3 weeks ago

    There is something for everyone!!! It is so important to me as a mom and grandmother to find as many healthy options as we can to incorporate into our daily routines. So thankful for Neora!

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