Is Makeup with SPF Enough?

June 25, 2024  Neora™ Avatar
Is Makeup with SPF Enough?

Why Neora’s Invisi-Bloc® SPF 40 Is Perfect for Gen Z

We love a great multi-benefit product. But when it comes to keeping your skin protected from harmful, aging UVA and UVB rays, is the trend of makeup with SPF doing the job? From minimalist looks to simplified routines to clean products, Gen Z is not afraid of making waves and disrupting the status quo. While these techniques are born with good intentions of saving time, money, and the environment, protecting your skin may need a little more effort to ensure its health, especially when we are talking about spending time in the sun. 

One of the most notable trends is their preference for makeup products containing SPF over using dedicated sunscreens. It’s easy to understand why. Most sunscreens are gunky and greasy, making it difficult to blend with a lot of beauty products. Many fear breakouts or a “caked” look with too much product. While using makeup containing SPF may seem like an ideal solution, many dermatologists are warning that the lack of adequate coverage and effectiveness can leave many with a false sense of security when it comes to sun protection. 

Daily Protection No One Can See 

For optimal protection, the recommended SPF is between 30 and 50. Most makeups containing SPF do not meet those recommendations. Neora’s Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 uses a lightweight, clear gel formula with innovative technology to create microcapsules of UV filters that absorb instantly without leaving a milky, sticky mess that can clog pores. This innovative and powerful SPF can give you a flawless look while protecting your skin. It’s well-suited for daily use on your face, neck, ears, décolletage, or any areas of the skin that are exposed to the sun and environmental elements.  

Function Meets Form 

The multifunctional Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 can also be an important step in your skincare routine because it not only protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays while calming and soothing the skin, but it also works great as a primer under makeup that won’t cause negative interactions with other products. The Eco-Veil proprietary blend mimics the skin’s natural barrier to prevent irritants and environmental aggressors that can cause signs of premature aging. It also features an Antioxidant Complex of vitamins E and P, aloe extra and broccoli extract to protect the skin from free radicals, which are known to create fine lines, wrinkles, and sagginess.  

Convenient and Clean

Like all of Neora’s transformative products, Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 provides daily age-fighting protection free from harmful ingredients, including parabens, synthetic colorants synthetic fragrance, gluten, GMO, and oxybenzone. It works great for all skin types and is dermatologist-tested. Just pump the sunscreen into your palm and apply generously anywhere your skin is exposed. For extra protection, be sure to reapply every two hours. Invisi-Bloc works best when applied after your moisturizer and before makeup.  

This eco-friendly product also aligns with Neora’s Green Initiative with sustainable packaging that can be recycled. Neora’s Invisi-Bloc SPF 40 is a perfect match for Gen Zers who want clean, multifunctional products that provide real protection without sacrificing beauty. It’s the best of all worlds.   
To sum up, it’s great to have a foundation that contains SPF, but it’s still key to use a layer of sunscreen underneath your foundation to make sure you’re getting adequate protection. If you’ll be out in the sun and need to reapply throughout the day while wearing makeup, that’s when a setting spray with SPF can come in handy. 


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    Lisa Theoharides 3 weeks ago

    This is a fam favorite!! So easy to use and without all the mess!! Both of my daughters work on the sun a lot in their wedding businesses and a clean greaseless spf is a necessity

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