Banana Brownie Protein Shake

August 16, 2023  Adriana Lee Avatar
Banana Brownie Protein Shake


cup oat milk, or milk of your choice 1/2 - 3/4 cup
cold brew or cooled coffee, optional 2 tbsps
plain Greek yogurt 2 tbsps
NeoraFit Plant-Based Protein Powder in Natural Vanilla Flavor 1 scoop
banana, fresh or frozen 1
cacao, or sub cocoa powder 1 tbsp

Fuel up your day and satisfy your sweet tooth with a protein-packed Banana Brownie Protein Shake! Include coffee for the perfect morning snack or skip the caffeine for an afternoon pick-me-up that won’t disrupt your sleep. Either way, it’ll help you power through the busy back-to-school season!


  1. Blend and enjoy!




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