Nerium Tweets – Crafting for Success

By January 29, 2013Facts

Nerium International is a company that thrives on relationship marketing, so social media is the perfect way to promote the company’s product and opportunity! Facebook is a great place to build a network, and YouTube allows Brand Partners to share success stories with a broad audience—but what about Twitter? Even many people who are comfortable with other social media sites find Twitter to be intimidating, but it’s not really hard once you get the hang of tweeting! Here, we offer suggestions on how to craft Nerium tweets that will encourage conversation and spark interest in your business.

Twitter Marketing

Have a plan for your Twitter marketing! Decide what you’ll tweet about ahead of time, and include company news, industry news, special announcements, and anything else that might be pertinent.


Twitter is a great platform for small businesses to garner feedback and communicate with customers. Pay attention when your business is mentioned or retweeted, or when a customer asks you a question. By being responsive, you’ll show followers that you truly care about developing relationships, and that should be one of the key objectives of anyone associated with Nerium.


It’s easy for a business to tweet and ask customers for advice. Use the @mention and @reply features, and encourage your customers to tell you how they’d like to see your business change and grow. Remember that conversations should be two-way, and don’t forget to respond when someone answers your question.

Share Engaging Content

nerium-positive-reviews-300x199Tweet to share interesting tidbits, and spark conversation. Relationship marketing is all about keeping the conversation flowing, and Twitter allows you to do that almost effortlessly. Tweet a piece of interesting information, and encourage your followers to retweet it or reply. It’s a great way to keep the Nerium name floating around, and the more people see the name, the more comfortable they become with the products. Don’t be afraid to show some personality! Nerium is made up of real people, and by letting the genuine fun of the business shine through, you’ll attract followers and even make friends.


Remember that social marketing is about relationships. Don’t just gather followers, but follow others as well. Be engaging and encouraging, taking an interest in others, and you’ll find that they’ll want to follow you back. Nerium has built its marketing on relationships, which makes it a perfect fit for social media: build your network wisely, and you’ll find a strong base of support for your business.

Nerium is a company of real people, forming real relationships, to sell products based on real results. If you’re interested in learning more or becoming a Brand Partner, visit the Nerium website. For a deeper connection, visit the online community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. There, you’ll get a feeling for how other Nerium enthusiasts are using social media, including tweets, to form connections and grow their businesses.

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