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    Cindy 12 years ago

    Question: Where is the main Head Quarters located???

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    Roger & Pam Smith 12 years ago

    Nerium is a fantastic company we are the fastest growing company and we are so proud of being part of the growth.

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    plumeria707 12 years ago

    The best part about the Fall Bash event in Anaheim was the talk by Shawn Achor, author of ‘The Happiness Advantage’. Jeff Olson highlighted the new company-wide theme of ‘happiness’! As he said, it can sound hokey, but there is a documentary film entitled ‘Gross National Happiness’ about the country of Bhutan, where the goal of the King and his entire government is to advance the goal of happiness for all people of the kingdom. This should be the objective of every government, and the ‘gross national product’ would follow! I am just thrilled to be part of an organization with this kind of vision. Thank you to all who lead this direction, as well as to all who ‘get it’. Pam Dyson

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    Diane Pherigo 11 years ago

    Where do I find the link to the video the last run club. Thanks!

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    Wendy 10 years ago

    When I joined the Nerium team one month ago I didn’t think I would go far with getting my product out. All my friends thought I was crazy because of all the other products out there. Well now im a month in and looking great also my mom! now people are asking us about Nerium. It will sell itself as people see you look younger as you age. thank you Nerium

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    HI! I sampled all three of Nerium Products,i fell in love with all three products,my skin looks and feels younger and better! in just 90 days. My husband and I joined the Nerium Family and we love the culture too! just want to say Nerium sells itself and we are happy to be on the team> Thank You Nerium for sharing.

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    JW RICHARD 9 years ago

    Risea, you are correct that Sodium Borate is in the Age-Defying Night/Day Cream, NeriumAD formula. It is approved for the U.S. The Optimera formula is the product for Canada and International and Sodium Borate is not listed as an ingredient here.

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      Carolyn Pole 8 years ago

      I read that as well about four years ago and was able to figure it out: Sodium Borate is listed as harmful in Canada data base only for industrial risk of inhalation, which makes sense, not good to inhale any powdered substance. We do not inhale it in when it is in our Night Cream. I am guessing it actually helps by balancing the pH of the product.

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    Jenny Chappelle 9 years ago

    My husband, Charles and I are happy to become a party of the Nerium family. I’m going to hit the ground running. Used the product and believe in it. Hope to meet many of you in Dallas.

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