Calling all Happy Activists!

March 5, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
Calling all Happy Activists!
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Host a Happiness Wall and Make the World a Happier Place

The world will observe the International Day of Happiness on Friday, March 20, and this is your chance to help celebrate and raise awareness about the importance a living happier, healthier life.

Every year, Live Happy and Neora encourage Happy Activists worldwide to carry out our mission of making people better by hosting a Happiness Wall. These happiness “hot spots” are fun, easy-to-do and a unique opportunity to connect with your community. This year, we have a record-breaking goal of more than 1,500 Happiness Walls around the world, and we’ll need your help to make this happen!

Your Happy Space

Your Wall can be placed almost anywhere, such as your local school, office, business, park or other public spaces (with permission) where passersby can write how they share happiness with others. We recommend that you find a high-traffic area where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create a ripple effect of happiness throughout your community.

Happiness Walls come in all shapes and sizes. We offer a FREE printable Live Happy Wall you can post on your refrigerator or place in your cubical, as well as a Live Happy Happiness Wall Poster. You can also create your very own DIY Happiness Wall.

Once your Wall is secure, make sure you have the necessary supplies, such as plenty of writing utensils, a positive pitch and a welcoming smile. Whenever someone stops by, explain the purpose of the International Day of Happiness and invite them to share their happiness ideas on your Wall. That’s it.

The Gift of Happiness

We want your hosting experience to be as fun and enjoyable as possible, so the goal is to unleash your creativity. Many of our hosts find that their Happiness Wall experience brings a happiness and joy that creates a lifetime of positive memories. Some hosts maximize the fun by inviting musical acts, planning activities for kids and offering prize giveaways for happy dance-offs.

You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get when people discover a Happiness Wall for the very first time!

Don’t Just Take Our Word for it ...

Linda, a Wall host from Shelburne, Vermont, says: “Our Wall had affirmations, confirmations and admiration from all ages! Children even participated and were excited about the opportunity to do good for someone else! The Happiness Wall brings awareness and spreads joy in our communities that lasts a lifetime!”

Sharon from Fenton, Michigan, says: “After hosting the first one, I felt like I was walking on air three feet off the ground. This gives me so much joy, which shines from my face like beams of light. It is contagious and is reflected in everyone nearby.”

Celeste from Canton, Georgia, says: “It made a HUGE impact in my community. I hosted at my local gym and got tons of positive feedback from the clients! Lots of wonderful happy acts and kindness!”

The great thing about a Happiness Wall is you don’t have to wait until March 20 to host one. Every day is a good day to spread happiness. If you want to make history this year and find out more about #HappyActs, then register your Wall today at and become part of a global movement. Don’t forget to tell us where you are putting up a Wall at

International Day of Happiness
Friday, March 20, 2020

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