Neora’s Culture and Opportunity Keep Moms and their Families Connected

May 12, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
Neora’s Culture and Opportunity Keep Moms and their Families Connected

Making Lives Better is Neora’s guiding mission. We not only want to better the lives of our Independent Brand Partners, but the lives of everyone around them. This Mother’s Day, we are so happy to share stories of how Neora has brought families closer together.

Samantha Wyatt, Gold NMD

Being an entrepreneur, I’m able to be the mom I always wanted to be and never could be. When I was teaching, I missed all my kids activities, I was never able to be present in my children’s school world. Because of Neora, I am able to volunteer, have play dates and do it on our time. I get to be the mom, wife and business owner I always wanted to be. I am forever grateful for this opportunity because it brought me home to my kids.  

Deborah K. Heisz, Neora Co-CEO

Like every parent, I worry how my children are going to develop the necessary skills to live productive, happy and fulfilling lives in spite of any challenges they may face. It is a blessing to be able to share with them everything I have learned through Live Happy and have them exposed to the values we encourage at Neora. I am extremely proud of who my children are becoming. They share happiness and kindness with their friends and strangers every day. Seeing my children’s excitement on the International Day of Happiness every year is one of the great joys in my life and that wouldn’t have happened without Live Happy, Neora and Jeff Olson.

Mikayla Gainey, National Marketing Director

My parents were always so busy. Neora has helped me break that family pattern and given me the time and financial freedom to be a present, involved and happy parent! 

Maisha Scott, Area Marketing Director

The freedom of entrepreneurship, especially with Neora, has not only added to my family’s overall financial freedom but has given me the time freedom to travel to all of my daughters’ sports activities, be available during the day for my toddlers’ school activities, and more importantly work my business from anywhere in the world. My children love celebrating with me as I hit goals, and they’re proud to watch me get recognized for achievements. Neora is definitely a “Happy” word in our home.

Shalon Murphy, Platinum NMD

Neora took me from being a stay-at-home mom to a work-from-home mom. I was still able to be here for all of the kids’ moments, but while doing that, build an income that allowed me to do MORE with my kids and husband. We get to go on more vacations and spend more time together as a family. This opportunity has forever changed our lives in a way I was never expecting!

Jennifer Givens, Platinum NMD

We are not who we were before we started with this company.  We are better parents, better role models, and better spouses and friends. Our children’s futures have been directly impacted and the trajectory for them has been forever changed in a positive direction.

Cindy Hafenbrack, Platinum NMD

Thanks to Neora my whole family has a better life. I have an 89-year-old mother who lives across the United States from me, and I am able to visit her every other month and help her in any way I can by my presence and also financially give her a more peaceful and joyous life. My son lives in Portugal, and two years ago he gave me a grandson. I told myself, “This baby is going to know his American grandmother.” He does know me, because Neora has afforded me the luxury of going to Portugal every other month to be with my grandson! Is this worth the time and effort of building a business? You better believe it!

Amber Olson Rourke, Neora Co-Founder and Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

I feel so lucky that my children are part of the Neora Family. It’s such a positive environment and I know my girls are going to grow up knowing they are loved and supported by people from all over the world! Neora has also strengthened the bond with my own mother through our shared mission of Making Lives Better. I’m just so grateful to this company and our Brand Partners for all that they’ve contributed to my family!


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