Support Your Immune Health with Neora’s NEW BREAKTHROUGH Immunity Support+ Gummies with Smart Gel Technology

September 1, 2022  Neora™ Avatar
Support Your Immune Health with Neora’s NEW BREAKTHROUGH Immunity Support+ Gummies with Smart Gel Technology

Introducing the most efficient and convenient way to support your immune system! 

So many of us have grabbed vitamin bottles off pharmacy shelves without even reading the labels, let alone researching the science behind them. But more and more, people are starting to consider: Is the handful of vitamins I take every morning actually benefitting my body? How effective is each pill at getting the given nutrient to the place my body needs it? Should I be concerned about all the sugar in my kids’ vitamin gummies? 

Meet Neora’s Immunity Support+ Gummies—vitamins that will put your mind at ease and support your whole family’s health by combining all your favorite immunity supplements into one naturally-sweetened, innovative gummy, minus all the sugar.

High-Quality Vitamin Technology, A Decade in the Making 

The truth is, not all supplements are created equal, and in fact, there can be a vast difference in quality when it comes to vitamins. This is where the concept of bioavailability comes in. Bioavailability relates to the amount of a drug or vitamin that is absorbed and used by the body. The higher the bioavailability, the more a vitamin is reaching its intended destination and affecting the body. Our Immunity Support+ Gummies are the result of more than a decade of scientific research to reinvent supplementation by improving bioavailability. 

A Breakthrough in Bioavailability

Leading nutritional experts designed our Smart Gel gummies to mirror the way we eat food and how our body absorbs the nutrients (from chewing, swallowing and digesting). The smart gel technology is a gelatin-based emulsion made to instantly melt in contact with saliva, releasing nutrients via microscopic droplets that your body can easily digest and absorb. Most conventional supplements enter the your digestive system without any preprocessing. The patented emulsification technology in our gummies boosts bioavailability, allowing your body to absorb more of each nutrient, just like you would with natural food. 

So What Exactly Goes Into These Gummies? 

Neora’s Immunity Support+ Gummies combine all your favorite immunity supplements into one convenient chewable jelly, including: 

  • Vitamin C and Eelderberry for antioxidant protection against free radicals.  
  • Zinc, a trace mineral that boosts the effectiveness of the cells and proteins involved in our immune system.  
  • Vitamin D3 to help regulate immune cell activity.  
  • Vitamin K2 for a healthy inflammatory response to the body’s immune system.  
  • The added bonus? Vitamins D3 and K2 are a combo that work together to ensure calcium is deposited in the bones and not the arteries.  

But the Smart Gel technology isn’t the only advanced benefit these vitamins have to offer. Neora’s Immunity Gummies are also individually packaged and hygienically sealed, keeping every vitamin as fresh and effective as possible. So you and your family can stay healthy and strong— all season long.

Special note: If your gummies are being delivered to a hot climate, or if leave your gummies some place warm, the gel can liquify. Not to worry! Just pop them in the fridge for a bit and they will re-gel and be ready to go, without any compromises to vitamin integrity.

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