A Few of Our Clean-Ingredient Favorites

November 29, 2022  Neora™ Avatar
A Few of Our Clean-Ingredient Favorites

The Grinch’s worst nightmare: A Neora gift box. Why? Because he knows any present from Neora is going to be TFG—Thoughtful, Functional and Good-for-you, too! That’s because not a single ingredient in our skincare, hair care and wellness products appears on the “naughty list.” 

In fact, when we started this company more than a decade ago, there were two concepts that guided our product development: Clean ingredients and real results. We didn’t think anyone should have to choose between the two. To create performance-based products with a holistic core, we turned to scientific innovations to derive the best from nature to bring you only Santa-approved ingredients. It’s all part of our Clean Formula Guarantee. Here are a just a few of our favorite clean ingredient discoveries. 

Two Exclusive Botanical Blends That Light Up Our Skincare 

If you’ve tried our Age IQ Day and Night Creams, you’ve probably noticed this moisturizer doesn’t just hydrate and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, it also makes your skin glow bright as the star atop a Christmas tree. That’s thanks to our clean-ingredient exclusive SAL-14, a proprietary blend combining two powerful botanicals. One of those botanicals is mauritia flexuosa, a South American fruit oil rich in vitamins C and E and also in beta-carotene, an antioxidant that helps the skin fend of UV-ray damage and prevent premature photoaging. The other botanical in this two-part blend: bidens pilosa, a flower sourced from the Amazon that helps improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and has illuminating effects. In fact, bidens pilosa is considered a natural alternative to retinol which can often irritate sensitive skin. 

Another clean ingredient worthy of the “Nice List” is our exclusive Sea3C blend. This blend combines sea whip extract, an anti-inflammatory agent found in the ocean; betula platyphylla japonica juice, a nutrient-rich extract that helps skin maintain a healthy oil-moisture barrier; and raffinose which has skin-conditioning properties. This blend is what makes our Double-Cleansing Face Wash as gentle as snowflakes. As all impurities are cleared, the Sea3C blend ensures skin is never stripped of its all-important moisture. 

The Complex that Delivers Holiday-Ready Hair Every Day 

Frosty air doing on a number on your hair? Take a spin through the Real Results for our ProLuxe Hair Care System to see the age-fighting power of our IntuiTress Complex, found in our Rebalancing Shampoo, Rebalancing Conditioner and Hair Mask. The intensely restorative blend includes peptides that are able to penetrate the follicle to boost repair and help hair appear thicker. Another vital part of the IntuiTress Complex is baobab tree seed extract, a mineral-rich, ultra-moisturizing ingredient known to strengthen and smooth hair. The final piece of the IntuiTress Complex puzzle is sea buckthorn oil. Derived from the berries of the sea buckthorn tree, this natural antioxidant contains Vitamins A, C, and E and is known to support strand structure and prevent breakage. Need one more reason to include baobab and sea buckthorn oil in your hair care routine? Both contain omega fatty acids, thought to promote hair growth.  

Sleighing Stress with the Power of Adaptogens 

This festive time of year notoriously ushers in added stress along with all the cheer. For centuries, humans have turned to plants and mushrooms called adaptogens to help them manage feelings of anxiety and restore balance. Happy Cocoa is our zero-sugar, super-chocolaty treat meant to melt away stress and restore calm using the power of adaptogens. The cocoa features mucuna pruriens, or the “velvet bean,” which has long been used in Ayurvedic traditions to treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety by reducing stress and boosting the mood. The co-star in Happy Cocoa is reishi mushroom, another centuries-old clean ingredient, which fends off stress and fatigue and is known to help calm the central nervous system.  

If the holiday buzz knocks you off balance, our Circadiplex blend—found in our Energy+ and Sleep+ Chews—can help you get back on top of it all. Circadiplex is a blend of three plant-based ingredients, one of which is the aforementioned reishi mushroom. Another part of blend’s terrific trio is gotu kola, a botanical used in traditional Chinese, Indian and Ayurvedic medicine, known as the “herb of longevity.” It helps fight fatigue and anxiety and improves memory and cognition. Last but not least, ashwagandha root and leaf extract is perhaps the most unique player in this mix, as it is multi-patented due to the way we derive the ingredient. Our scientists use both roots and leaves of the plant, resulting in higher potency, full-spectrum properties that help boost your ability to manage stress and improve sleep. 

The “Naughty List” Ingredients We Won’t Use 

Of course, the ingredients listed above are just a few of the many innovative, holistic members of our clean-ingredient roster. And just as important as the ingredients on our “Nice List” is the list of ingredients we will never use. Our skincare and hair care products are all vegan and completely free from gluten (surprisingly common in beauty products), propylene glycol, synthetic colors, SLS (a sulfate that can cause hair loss) and also parabens and phthalates which have both been identified as a hormone disruptors. As for our wellness offerings, you won’t find soy, nuts, dairy, GMOs or any synthetic colors and fragrances on our ingredient list.  

Our overall, no-compromise approach to ingredients: All of the good, none of the bad. Which makes gifting easy—you know any product you gift is full of enough safe and healthy stuff to make the Grinch’s heart grow three sizes.   


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