Get Healthy, Nourished Hair this Summer

June 6, 2024  Neora™ Avatar
Get Healthy, Nourished Hair this Summer

Summer is the best time of the year. School activities wrap up, life slows down a little, and we all finally get to spend more time outside enjoying the warmer weather. The one downside is that while spending time outside is good for your soul, it can be damaging for your hair.  

Whether you’re spending time in the pool, in your own backyard, or at the beach, sun, heat, humidity and water can rob your tresses of moisture and shine and dim your hair color.  

To protect your hair all summer, you need the right products for hydration and repair.  

Beat the Heat with Balanced Moisture

Salon-grade ProLuxe Shampoo and Conditioner ensure an optimal exchange of nutrients where the hair and skin meet (the scalp) so you’ll see immediate results that get better with every use. Transform summer-dulled hair and bring back that youthful bounce with these clean, vegan haircare formulas that help strengthen hair all year long.

Erase Daily Damage and Keep Your Color

The ProLuxe Hair Mask boosts the health of your hair and erases every sign of daily damage – even harsh summer sun damage!  

This once-a-week treatment starts with the scalp to intuitively seek, find and repair almost every type of damage done to the hair for long-lasting effects. Not only is this Hair Mask color-safe, it also works to improve color retention of your natural color that is lost due to damage at the hair shaft level. And it’s perfect for repairing your kids’ hair after pool time. 

Keep Your Hair Smooth and Manageable on the Go

Whether you’ve got plans to be poolside, lakeside or beachside, Defy the Day Leave-in Conditioner Spray is the perfect addition to your bag for keeping your hair fresh and smooth on the go.  

This multitasking treatment hydrates thirsty hair, adds lightweight shine, and banishes tangles and knots. A quick spritz of Defy the Day after your fun in the sun refreshes your hair without weighing it down.

Get Your Summer Hair Essentials

In June, you can stock up on your summer hair must-haves and get two valuable freebies with the Neora Summer Hair Essentials Set. This set includes ProLuxe™ Rebalancing Shampoo, ProLuxe™ Rebalancing Conditioner,  ProLuxe™ Hair Mask PLUS a FREE Defy the Day Leave-in Conditioner Spray and a FREE Ultimate Detangling Comb that is gentle on your scalp and hair to reduce split ends and breakage.  

With this summer-ready haircare set, you can keep your hair healthy and happy all summer long and enjoy your time in the sun without damaging your hair.  


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