Improving Dry Skin 101: Six Tips to Give Dull-Looking Skin a Boost

March 14, 2023  Neora™ Avatar
Improving Dry Skin 101: Six Tips to Give Dull-Looking Skin a Boost

A common ailment, dry skin can be the result of many things including cold weather, dry air, exposure to harsh chemicals, unbalanced pH, excess washing and certain skin conditions. Dry skin can also lead to itchiness and discomfort while stripping away your face’s natural radiance and glow. The result? A dull skin complexion.

If your face lacks moisture and that “healthy-skin glow,” you may be wondering how to fix dry skin. Regardless of your skin type, there are some things you can do to boost moisture retention and achieve beautiful-looking skin. From a former medspa owner, here are the best dry skin treatments to help you feel confident in your skin.

Invest in a Really Good Moisturizer

Serums, hydrating creams and moisturizers for dry skin promote water retention by strengthening your skin’s natural barrier function. In addition to daytime moisturizers, night creams can offer additional benefits for soothing and hydrating dry skin.

A naturally occurring substance, hyaluronic acid is a well-known remedy for restoring moisture and is recognized as one of the best ways to moisturize skin. Meanwhile, natural oils like shea butter and coconut oil are also known to provide natural yet effective relief in healing dry skin.

However, many skincare products are made with drying agents that can have the opposite effect, such as alcohol, artificial fragrances or dyes, and dioxane. It’s best to invest in a formula with clean ingredients from a reputable brand.

Use a Mild Cleanser

Washing your face regularly is important, especially if you’re someone who struggles with acne. However, if you avoid cleansers because you feel like they’re contributing to your skin’s dryness, you may just be using the wrong one. As with all skincare products, some formulas contain chemicals that irritate the skin. Instead, look for a mild, fragrance-free double cleanser with moisturizing properties. Again, seek out a reputable skincare brand with clean formulas.


When your skin is dry or irritated, the last thing you may feel like doing is exfoliating. However, this is an essential part of any skincare routine. 

Your skin is constantly generating new skin cells and shedding old ones. Exfoliation removes dead cells to reveal the younger, more vibrant skin below. The process also reduces dry patches, unclogs pores and improves the overall texture of your skin. If your skin is dry and irritated, try switching to a more mild exfoliant to reduce inflammation. Using an exfoliant that is too aggressive can worsen your skin’s condition.

Wash Your Face in Warm Water

While washing your face with hot water may seem ideal, this can cause dryness by removing your skin’s natural oils. Instead, wash with warm water.

Avoid spending too much time in the shower or bath, as this can also remove moisture from your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology suggests limited bath and shower time to less than five minutes.

As always, be sure to apply moisturizer after bathing. Keeping your skin moisturized after a shower is key in maintaining hydration in the skin while also creating a healthy barrier from irritants and viruses.

Add Moisture to the Air

AC and central heating units remove moisture from the air – and from your skin in the process. To mitigate the effect, use a humidifier, which returns moisture to the air.  Limiting the use of AC and heating is also good for your skin (and your energy bills!). 

Be Aware of Your Environment

You should always consider the environmental factors that may contribute to the health and appearance of your complexion. Everything from restricting caffeine intake to avoiding time in direct sunlight (and artificial tanning) can also help with healing dry skin.

Smoking can also wreak havoc on your skin, by causing the narrowing of blood vessels. The promise of more radiant and healthier-looking skin is just one more reason to kick the habit.

Boost Your Complexion with Clean, Safe and Effective Formulas 

One last thing to keep in mind about treating dry skin on the face? There are many different treatment options, and what works best for you may depend on your skin type (normal, dry, oily or a combination) or conditions you may struggle with (acne, rosacea, etc). What may be the best ways to moisturize skin for you may not work for someone else. 

Additionally, many people struggle with varying degrees of dryness depending on the season and other factors. You may need to adjust your routine when the seasons change.

Regardless, choosing products made with clean ingredients is a smart choice to get the results you desire without exposing your skin to harsh and potentially dangerous substances.

In fact, if you’re searching for, “What causes dry skin on the face?” the answer may actually be the skincare products you’re using! That’s where Neora comes in. All of our products are mindfully made with clean, safe, effective and holistic ingredients. For gentle yet powerful solutions to dry skin, trust Neora’s skincare


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