Fight the Signs of Aging, Damaged Hair

November 5, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
Fight the Signs of Aging, Damaged Hair
It's time to love your hair again

Is Your Hair Making You Look Older?

People wanting to look and feel younger have long focused on anti-aging products for their skin. Today, they’re realizing more than ever before that the signs of aging hair – loss of shine, reduced vibrancy, damaged texture, decreased strand size and the greying or whitening of hair – play an equally important role in their appearance and the perception of their age. And, while the signs of aging hair can happen naturally over time, many people are experiencing them prematurely due to the damage caused by treatments like coloring, straightening and heat styling. Couple that with the added stress of environmental factors like harsh sunlight, increased airborne chemicals and pollution, and today the average person’s hair is often in its worst shape ever.

Let the Revolutionary Age-Fighting Begin

At Neora, we’ve taken our vast expertise in the science of anti-aging skincare and applied that knowledge and research to haircare products. We’re excited to introduce Neora’s innovative ProLuxe™ Hair Care System featuring groundbreaking ingredients to address the needs of the aging population, anyone with mild to extreme hair damage, and anyone who wants their hair to look vibrant and healthier, feel softer and fuller and have more youthful movement.

Real Results. Real People.

Below are just a few of the Real Results our Brand Partners and consumers have experienced after using ProLuxe Hair Care System products.  


A Hair Care Routine Like No Other

You’re always faithful to your skincare routine – you couldn’t sleep a wink without your Neora Age IQ® Night Cream – and now you have an easy-to-use, four-step system that will help rejuvenate your hair.

Step 1 is ProLuxe Rebalancing Shampoo, a daily shampoo rich with powerful protein blends that help fight signs of aging hair. It has exclusive ingredients that work to: provide an optimal environment for healthy hair; cleanse the scalp and hair of pollutants, impurities and general build-up; help strengthen hair; work to allow optimal exchange of nutrients where hair and skin meet; and help balance the scalp’s sebum for ideal moisturization.

Step 2 is ProLuxe Rebalancing Conditioner, a nutrient-dense, daily conditioner formulated to help restore hair’s soft, smooth, radiant appearance and youthful feel and movement. Its exclusive ingredients: deeply nourish and hydrate to help even fine, fragile and brittle hair; quickly penetrate the hair shaft to strengthen and protect it from daily aggressors and everyday stressors; intuitively reinforce optimal moisture of the scalp and hair shaft; help oily and dry scalps balance to the right level of moisturization, and provide relief from an itchy scalp.

Step 3 is Neora ProLuxe Hair Mask, an intensive, once-a-week treatment formulated to intuitively seek, find and repair almost every type of damage done to the hair shaft. It features exclusive ingredients that: penetrate deep into the hair fiber to repair damaged hair by bonding together broken strands for a long-lasting effect; restore hair’s youthful, healthy appearance, including improved shine, hydration, strength, elasticity and manageability; provide immediate results with cumulative impact after multiple uses; improve color retention; and help oily and dry scalps balance to the right level of moisturization, and provide relief from an itchy scalp.

Step 4 is Neora ProLuxe Scalp Treatment, a state-of-the-art, daily, leave-in treatment that works to create the ideal environment for producing the appearance of stronger, thicker, younger-looking hair – including working to restore natural hair pigment, so you see less grey hair! Its exclusive ingredients: penetrate deep into the scalp to target the hair follicle to combat white hair and maintain natural hair color without using colorants; help support a healthy scalp by improving skin renewal, barrier function, and natural exfoliation; work to strengthen hair and restore smoothness and suppleness; and help oily and dry scalps balance to the right level of moisturization, and provide relief from an itchy scalp.

Just the Good Stuff

Like all Neora products, the ProLuxe Hair Care System is packed with key ingredients like coconut oil, amino acids, celery seed extract, turmeric and more, plus our breakthrough, proprietary ingredients, including:

  • IntuiTress™ Complex which helps fight the signs of aging by nourishing hair for maintenance and manageability. It provides a solution that addresses hair strength, damage recovery and UV irritation repair. 
  • Skincare Crossover™ Complex which uses modern scientific advancements that have been leveraged in skincare for decades. The patent-pending technology behind the complex borrows the principles of skincare to detect, correct and prevent damage you can see and damage you can’t see. The technology has been used in salons to help prevent and repair damage done from extreme hair coloring and lightening. Now it is available in this exclusive complex from Neora.
  • IntelliGrey™ is a blend featuring powerful antioxidants to fight against white hair. It works to help restore natural hair pigment from the root, reducing the proportion and density of white hair, so new hair growth looks less grey – without using colorants! The mode of action is “no prejudice” to gender, hair type or hair color. 
  • ProRenew Plus is an exclusive blend of the probiotic lactococcus ferment lysate and prebiotic fructooligosaccharides, which supports a healthy skin microbiome and improves skin renewal, barrier function and natural exfoliation to promote a healthy scalp. 

Of course, just as important as what goes into ProLuxe Hair Care System is what DOESN’T go in. All of the products are Vegan, Cruelty Free, good for all hair types, dermatologist tested, non-GMO and free of DEA, gluten, parabens, phthalates, silicone and SLS/SLES. At Neora, we believe clean products can deliver powerfully effective Real Results.

Exclusive Limited Time Preview Offer

Our Exclusive ProLuxe Hair Care System is currently available only to our Brand Partners and Preferred Customers through November 30, 2019, or while supplies last. Get ready for stronger, shinier, smoother, healthier, younger-looking hair with Neora’s ProLuxe Hair Care System. It’s time to love your hair again!



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    Cathleen 4 years ago

    I think this will go viral in time . This will be one of a kind of hair care. So I hope this comes soon.

  • Avatar
    Mabyn Shingleton 4 years ago

    I adore ProLuxe Haircare. I am thrilled that it finally launches to the public this Friday!

  • Avatar
    Brenda 4 years ago

    I have white hair and I don’t want it to go back to brown. Can you assure me it won’t?

    • Hi Brenda. If an individual is already grey, ProLuxe™ Scalp Treatment with the Intelligrey™ Complex targets the hair follicle and works to restore natural hair pigment on the new hair growth.

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