A Huge Success! Neora’s ProLuxe Hair Care System Limited Preview

December 19, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
A Huge Success! Neora’s ProLuxe Hair Care System Limited Preview
Proluxe Hair Care System

Answering the Demand for Anti-Aging Hair Care

Neora™ is known for recognizing unfulfilled customer needs in the marketplace – and then working tirelessly to develop products that deliver solutions formulated to far exceed consumers’ expectations. Our ProLuxe™ Hair Care System is the perfect example of creating revolutionary products to answer a surging demand.

People have long focused on anti-aging products for their skin to help them look and feel younger, and today they’re realizing their hair plays an equally important role in their appearance and the perception of their age. The signs of aging hair include loss of shine and texture, decreased strand size, and the greying or whitening of hair – ProLuxe products work to address them all.

Leveraging our unparalleled expertise in the skincare industry, we spent years researching the most advanced scientific innovations and searching the world for the best breakthrough ingredients nature had to offer. The result is our four-step, age-fighting ProLuxe Hair Care System. It includes ProLuxe Rebalancing Shampoo, ProLuxe Rebalancing Conditioner, ProLuxe Hair Mask and ProLuxe Scalp Serum. Together the products work to seek, find, repair and maintain healthier- and younger-looking hair.

A Sold-Out Debut

We were confident our new age-fighting hair care system would be a hit, but when our Limited Preview sold out in only three weeks, we knew we had given the people what they wanted. And the products are getting rave reviews!

Read the official ProLuxe Hair Care System Press Release to learn more about our transformative ProLuxe products, available as part of our full product line in Spring 2020!


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    Laura Resztak 4 years ago

    Love the Mask.
    Hydrated my hair and great shine!

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