Seasonal Skincare 101

December 6, 2022  Neora™ Avatar
Seasonal Skincare 101

It’s that time of year again. Jack Frost is nipping at your door, which calls for cozy evenings sipping Happy Cocoa in front of the fire. That’s the upside. The downside: Jack Frost is also nipping at your epidermis! Oh, yes, winter weather can do a number on your complexion. The frigid air outside plus the heated rooms inside can sap every last bit of natural hydration, leaving you with dull, dry skin. Fortunately, a few changes to your skincare routine can keep your skin supple, healthy and glowing! Here are our suggested skincare switches.  

Make Sure You’re Using High-Quality Hydration 

Everyone should use a moisturizer morning and night, all year round, but this skincare step is even more crucial during the cold season. Both our Age IQ Day and Night Creams are high-quality hydrators made to fend off fine lines and wrinkles, retain skin elasticity and protect skin from environmental stressors. Our Day Cream is a lightweight blend of antioxidants and skin-smoothing peptides while our Night Cream has a more protective, mask-like consistency—yet both creams contain two exclusive ingredients that set our skincare apart. One is the age-fighting SAL-14, which is our gentle, botanical alternative to harsh retinoids. The other exclusive ingredient is SIG-1273, a progressive molecule that acts as a super antioxidant and skin protectant, boosting the skin’s natural age-fighting mechanism.  

Bring in the Big (Skincare) Guns

Speaking of the groundbreaking SIG-1273 ingredient…we recently celebrated a year with one of our most exciting skincare game-changers: the Advanced SIG-1273 Concentrated Serum. What’s so great about Sig Serum? It takes the age-defying power of the SIG-1273 molecule and multiplies it by five. Yes, FIVE! This concentrated dosage of SIG-1273 optimizes the skin’s two main functions—hydration and protection—thus strengthening your all-important moisture barrier. The serum also calms skin and reduces redness and irritation, a common issue in icy conditions (no Rudolph noses here!). 

Glow Away with IllumaBoost 

The complexion’s version of the winter blues: Dull skin. With dry conditions and more time spent indoors, your natural glow is bound to dissipate. And that’s when our IllumaBoost Vitamin C Serum truly shines. The serum ups skin’s radiance with a proprietary PhytoLumina Complex, a dynamic blend of plant extracts and fruit juices. The serum’s most illustrious element: a dual-compartment packaging system seals the skin-toning niacinamide and the ultra-brightening Vitamin C in separate champers to preserve freshness. One or two pumps of IllumaBoost in your Day and Night Creams should get you glowing in no time.  

The Never-Skip Step That Prevents Premature Aging

You’ve heard it before and we’ll say it again and again (and again): Don’t skip sunscreen in the winter! Sure, it’s easy to forget since you can’t feel the sting of the sun’s rays on your skin like you do in summer. But even when it’s overcast, even when it’s chilly, UV rays can cause damage. In fact, the sun’s ultraviolet radiation causes almost 80 percent of photoaging on the face, which is why it’s so important to protect your skin every day. That’s not to mention the damaging effects of electronic device’s blue light. Our InvisiBloc SPF 40 helps protect the skin from both UV and blue light aggressors, and best of all, our sunscreen feels weightless and looks completely transparent, making it the perfect base layer before you add moisturizers and makeup.   

Turning Skincare Inside-Out 

While we usually reach for serums and creams when we talk about skincare, you should also think about treating skin from the inside-out. Consuming healthy foods such as leafy greens and omega-rich salmon and drinking plenty of water is a no-brainer for luminous skin. Collagen supplements are also a major source of support in the winter, but not all collagens are created equal. Our Slim + Skin powder blends two types of pure and sustainably-sourced marine collagen that helps increase the skin’s moisture, firmness and brightness while give hair and nails a healthy boost. The added bonus of Slim + Skin is a metabolism booster to start your day! 

Making some small tweaks to your winter skincare routine can make a huge, hydrating difference. Plus, the extra pampering adds up to some welcome self-care during the hectic holiday season. Soon enough, you’ll be ready to face the New Year with glowing, gorgeous skin! 



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    Lisa J Tee-Theoharides 2 years ago

    Love how this skincare helps my skin stay hydrated and glowing!! Extra shoutout for my fav traavel partners…Merry minis, Sig Serum and eyepatches!!

  • Avatar
    Dustin Mitchell 2 years ago

    I have been a Neora customer and brand partner since 2015 and there isn’t a day that I do not use the Age IQ night and day creams, IllumaBoost and face wash. I can honestly say that I look younger today than I did 8 years ago!

    Dustin Mitchell

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