Self-Care Gifts for Mom From THE Clean Beauty Brand

May 9, 2024  Neora™ Avatar
Self-Care Gifts for Mom From THE Clean Beauty Brand

Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful mamas out there! As the makers of clean beauty products formulated to defy the effects of aging, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate moms than with gifts that work to turn back the clock.  

We get it – being a mom can take its toll. From stray grays to fine lines, aging is all a part of doing what you love most. That’s why we founded Neora, to bring a little of that youthful glow back to your hair and skin. Show your mom some love with Mother’s Day beauty gifts that make motherhood ageless. 

Special Gifts for Mother’s Day, Formulated for Her 

There’s no question that moms get more done in an hour than most people can do in a day. As such, they often end up with little time for themselves. This Mother’s Day, a little me-time is in order. Enter Neora’s luxurious and effective beauty and wellness products.  

With result-driven formulas that leverage clean, performance-based ingredients, our skincare, haircare, wellness, and weight management products are modern must-haves for busy moms who need a little TLC.  

Sleep is a sought-after commodity for moms. If she needs a little extra R&R, our Sleep + Wellness Chews work to help her fall asleep faster and enjoy a more satisfying night’s sleep thanks to a focus on balancing the body’s circadian rhythms. She’ll wake up refreshed, clear-headed, and ready to tackle whatever’s on the agenda.

Dark circles, fine lines, and baggy undereye areas are common afflictions for sleep-deprived mamas. They’re also a sign of aging that most would love to banish. Combining two gentle yet powerful products that target the delicate skin around the eyes, our Eye Serum/Eye Patch Combo offers long-lasting benefits in one convenient set. From concealing fine lines and combating puffiness to hydrating, smoothing, and soothing, each is formulated to maximize results.

Other Unique Mother’s Day Gifts 

While flowers may be the first gift that comes to mind with the mention of Mother’s Day, useful gifts are probably more appreciated, especially those a busy mom might not purchase for herself! Featuring Age IQ Night Cream, Age IQ Day Cream, and Advanced SIG-1273 Concentrated Serum, our Transformation Set is a standout among practical, yet indulgent skincare products for moms. Together, these three remarkable products add up to the ultimate restorative regimen that targets all major signs of aging, detoxes (while she sleeps), moisturizes, and defends against stressors that strip skin of its natural radiance. Clinically proven to boost skin moisture levels after four weeks thanks to a potent formulation comprising hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe vera leaf water, and other active ingredients, these products work around the clock to boost overall skin health. 

If you’re not yet familiar with SIG-1273, this patented dual-action molecule represents the next frontier of beauty. Acting as both an antioxidant and skin protectant, it fortifies the skin against destructive oxidative stress that compromises its appearance and overall health. 

Speaking of overall skin health, there’s nothing more important than UV protection, especially with summer approaching. It’s time for mom to say goodbye to chemically-laden drugstore sunscreens and hello to Neora’s Invisi-Bloc SPF40. Fusing the functionality of UV filters with the skin-enhancing benefits of Neora’s science-backed approach to skincare, this lightweight, invisible, water gel-based formula protects while also enriching and enhancing skin. 

For moms who love some color on their skin without sun damage, Neora’s sunless tanner offers the sun-kissed look she craves without exposing her skin to the sun’s harmful rays.

Mother’s Day Gifts from Daughters Who Know The Importance of Clean, Safe and Effective Beauty Products

Moms put so much love into the world, and at Neora, we want to give a little of that love back to mamas! Whether you select “a la carte” products that target her unique beauty needs or you go with one a thoughtfully cultivated set, such as our Make Her Mother’s Day Bundle, you’re sure to find something she’ll love at Neora

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