Age IQ: Your Must-Have Skincare Solution

September 14, 2018  Neora™ Avatar
Age IQ: Your Must-Have Skincare Solution

Age-Fighting Products

Here’s an idea: think of your skin as your body’s first line of defense, and with the right age-defying solution, your skin can fight the appearance of discoloration, enlarged pores, sagging skin and more. What you put on your skin can either help or harm you which is why Neora promises to provide proven, age-fighting products powered by the most advanced ingredients available.

Age IQ Night and Day

Age IQ Night and Day Cream is taking advanced skincare to the next level. How? In short, our multifunctional Age IQ skincare — perfect for women and men of any age — treats multiple signs of aging in a single step, detoxes skin, and offers visible results that continue to improve and impress over time. Age IQ is Neora’s most advanced skincare option for around-the-clock age-fighting.

What Sets Neora Apart

Neora, as an age-defying skincare and wellness company, has set ourselves apart from the competition by developing product formulas based on patented, exclusive ingredients that no other company can use or duplicate, including TC3-Armor – a proprietary blend that works to protect skin against and remove urban stressors accumulated during the day; SIG-1273 – a remarkable age-fighting molecule patented as an advanced, age-fighting ingredient; and SAL-14 – a botanical blend featuring antioxidants such as bidens pilosa, an herbaceous plant found in South America that has been shown to have effects similar to a retinol. In our opinion, that’s a pretty big deal and just one more reason why you should upgrade your skincare routine to include Age IQ.

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When you use Age IQ Day Cream in conjunction with the Age IQ Night Cream, you can expect a 24-hour system to fight the signs of aging. Expect exceptional results when you use Neora’s most advanced Night and Day Cream.


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