Why You Need Sunscreen For Sun AND Screen

May 7, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
Why You Need Sunscreen For Sun AND Screen
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Boy, have we had a lot going on lately (to put it lightly). While the world continues to react to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we continue to rely on our devices for work and human connection, winter has given way to the longer, sunnier days of spring. You may have even been inspired to begin that big outdoor project. Between the increased hours logged on your device and time spent in the sun, it may surprise you to read this, but your skin needs double protection to prevent the skin damage that causes dreaded lines and wrinkles.

Maybe you lifted an eyebrow (or you panicked) at the thought that your cell phone or laptop could require skin protection — and you’re certainly not alone. Many aren’t aware of the damage blue rays can cause to our skin, among which include the breakdown of collagen leading to premature aging. American adults spend more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening or interacting with digitally generated content (Nielson). These devices emit harmful blue light that can penetrate even deeper into our skin than the sun’s rays. Seriously.

Sunscreen That Prevents Aging From UV Rays and Blue Light

We’ve known the beauty and health benefits of applying sunscreen every day, but due to the prevalence of modern lifestyles, we need to change our mindset to include blue light in that skin protection too. That’s why Neora’s advanced suncare, Invisi-Bloc with SPF 40, is the only sunscreen protection you need that beautifully addresses both.

Oftentimes we think the SPF in our make-up is high enough, and while SPF 15 at the minimum does offer a degree of protection, the American Academy of Dermatologists recommends at least SPF 30 during day-to-day activities. What keeps men and women from using a sunscreen every day in their morning routine? Many feel the higher the sunscreen protection factor, the thicker or more greasy it feels. This probably explains why most people skip it.

Fight Skin Damage Beautifully

Invisi-Bloc is a daily sunscreen that not only does double time for sun and screen protection, you’ll actually love to wear it. Invisi-Bloc’s clear and practically weightless watergel formula features microcapsules of UV filters that absorb easily to provide powerful protection that won’t clog your pores or show on your skin.

This multifunctional SPF also includes our proprietary Eco-Veil™ blend, which forms a transparent, breathable barrier against digital blue light and environmental pollutants – plus an enriching antioxidant complex. You can apply Invisi-Bloc as the last step in your skincare routine as a blurring primer before makeup — or all alone — to help stop the damage before it starts.

Protect Your Skin Now For The Future

If you’re more of a visual person, we get it. Take a look below at what happens to your skin every day when you check your Facebook, Instagram or maybe while innocently working away on the patio to take advantage of the fresh air. Once you see it: take a deep breath! Neora makes the product that specifically fights damage from the sun and screen.

Blue Light Infographic

Protect Your Skin and The Ones On the Front Lines Protecting All of Us

During May only, when Neora’s Preferred Customers spend $150 or more*, receive 1 FREE Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen plus free shipping. PLUS Neora will donate 1 FREE Invisi-Bloc Sunscreen to a front-line worker through Direct Relief.

*To get free shipping, your order must total $150 (US) before taxes and after all discounts are applied. Free Invisi-Bloc ($44 value) applies to May order only.



  • I love how this sunscreen feels so clean and it’s also a primer! It also has the freshest scent due to the essential oils. I love it!

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    Diana Haley 4 years ago

    Wonderful gift! One size fits all lol 💥

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    Great info

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    Yes Great info!

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    Lisa J Theoharides 4 years ago

    Love this ! We live on a lake and are constantly outside boating. I love how light it is and it does not sting your eyes when you sweat.

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