Winter Self-Care for Your Skin and Hair

December 22, 2020  Neora™ Avatar
Winter Self-Care for Your Skin and Hair

Give Your Routine a Cold-Weather Makeover

As the weather turns colder, the moisture levels in the air drops, leaving your skin and hair dry, flaky and brittle. Adjusting your regimens for the seasons is a must if you want to fight off early signs of aging and keep your skin and hair looking their best. Consider these winter skincare and hair care tips to help you shine all season.

Fight the Signs of Aging Skin at Every Level

Dry skin is a common nuisance during the winters months and having the right skincare regimen can keep you prepared for whatever Jack Frost brings. From sunrise to sunset, Neora’s Age IQ® Day and Night Creams provide around-the-clock, daily skin protection that locks in the skin’s natural moisture and fights every sign of aging. Powered by the best in science and nature, the Day and Night Creams are designed to help revitalize and regulate your skin, giving you a younger, healthier-looking reflection. For those sensitive and thinner areas around the eyes, Neora’s Age IQ® Eye Serum featuring our proprietary SIG-1191® ingredient, goes to work immediately reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By matching your skin’s natural pH level, the Eye Serum provides optimal skin health while supporting the skin’s natural structure.

Even Your Tone and Get Back that Glow

Don’t let the dull winter months take away your skin’s shine. Neora’s fan favorite IllumaBoost® Brightening & Shield is an innovative boosting serum that can be used with your existing products to enhance your skincare regimen. By fixing those signs of uneven skin tone and discoloration, it helps brighten your skin look to radiant and vibrant. IllumaBoost also shields the skin from environmental stressors and it includes ingredients that also aid in hydration, allowing for a full, supple appearance. Plus, this month only, you can get IllumaBoost for free by enrolling as a new Brand Partner with a product purchase. To firm up and tone those problems areas for good, try our clinically-tested Firm Body Contour Cream, powered by our exclusive SIG-1273® and SAL-14®, for a sleeker, more youthful-looking body. Firm’s nutrient-rich ingredients and highly-emollient formula stimulates circulation to smooth the appearance of dimpled skin and binds water to the skin for volume and firmness.

Be Fair to Your Hair

Cold winter air not only effects your skin, but it can cause problems for your hair, too. That lack of moisture in the air combined with indoor heating can leave your hair and scalp dry, flaky and dull. With Neora’s ProLuxe™ Hair Care System, you can give yourself the full salon treatment without leaving the house. This first-of-its-kind, professional-level collection helps keep the grey away and bring back that youthful shine while helping to re-bond, strengthen and repair. The ProLuxe System includes the Rebalancing Shampoo, Rebalancing Conditioner, Hair Mask and Scalp Treatment, that all work together to boost the health of your hair and scalp and restore radiance, moisture and manageability.

Neora’s lineup of hydrating and anti-aging products are absolute musts for your daily regimen to fight off those winter woes that can damage your skin and hair. Become a Preferred Customer today and you’ll save time and money by having these and other Neora products automatically delivered to you every month.



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