Back-to-School Means New Beginnings

August 22, 2019  Neora™ Avatar
Back-to-School Means New Beginnings

Why is Now the Perfect Time to Start a Side Gig?

Any season is a great time to start a side gig, also known as a side hustle, to help build your dream life. But, if you have kids going back to school, that can mean special advantages and inspiration. Plus, as Fall approaches and the weather grows cooler, people are looking for specific skincare and wellness solutions. Here are just a few of the top reasons we think now is the perfect time to invest in yourself and become part of the modern economy with the Neora opportunity.

1. You Have More Free Time

Sure, the kids starting and returning to school can create a whirlwind of activity, but once the chalk dust settles, many people find they have more time on their hands. Maybe you stay at home and your kids are out of the house for several hours a day, leaving you some valuable hours of your own that you want to use wisely. Perhaps you find yourself an empty nester, with the kids moved happily to campus and more independent than ever. This could be a prime time to invest in yourself and your future with Neora.

2. Your Routine is Back on Track

When school’s in session, you tend to follow a routine more than you may during the “lazier” days of summer. As you begin to structure your days more, selecting a side-gig like Neora offers allows you to custom-fit it perfectly into your schedule, because you have the flexibility to work at your own pace and at the times you choose.

3. You’re Craving Personal Development

Sometimes you wish you were the one going back. Schools offer the most interesting courses these days. But, just because you’re no longer going to class doesn’t mean you can’t keep growing. With a side gig, you can develop not only your people skills, but marketing, communication, time-management and social media skills, as well. And, at Neora, we’ll be there to help you every step of the way with training, tools, mentoring and more, including our Social Selling System guide that shows you how to create authentic relationships on social media to help your business grow. Your confidence can soar, and think of the great example you’ll set for your kids as they watch you work hard and commit to achieving your dreams.

4. You Want More Financial Security

It’s estimated that at least 40% of US adults will be working side gigs by 2020. For many people the motivation is to help them save up for a major purchase, add to their savings, or to simply be able to enjoy some of life’s “finer things.” With kids in school, the expenses add up – sports fees, uniforms, camps, school supplies, private lessons … the list goes on, and if your kids are in college, working a side gig might even help make a dent in that budget-straining college tuition. And, a big benefit of the Neora opportunity is it allows you to get started with a small investment, and you don’t have to purchase and store inventory.

5. People Are Actively Seeking Products Like Neora’s

One of the best things about being a Neora Brand Partner is while you work to build a better life for you and your family, you’re also helping to Make People Better. Our skincare products work to address the signs of aging and help give the appearance of younger-looking skin, while our wellness products are developed to help people feel better from the inside out. Neora offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to anti-aging, something millions of people are actively seeking.

With Fall fast approaching, people are looking for products to help rejuvenate their skin after a summer of swimming in the pool, lounging at the beach, eating less healthy (remember vacation?), and generally soaking up the sun … all the activities of summer that can be harsh on your skin. Also, people tend to revisit their skincare routine as the seasons change, so they’re open to trying new products. And, one of our newest products, Acne Treatment Pads – already a huge favorite, check out the Real Results people are seeing in our 90-Day Challenge Gallery – are ready to help with back-to-school breakouts. Helpful Hint: If you have kids starting college, they say the Freshman Breakout can be as common as the Freshman 15. Why not put some Acne Treatment Pads in a care package for your favorite scholar?

Side Gigs are Redefining Business

To learn more about the gig economy listen to Neora’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Amber Olson Rourke and Susie Moore, author of the best-seller What if it Does Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life, discuss side gigs and all they offer. Discover why “being too busy” can be a great thing for a side gig, why being an introvert can help you succeed, and much more.


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