Step Up Your Side-Gig Game in September

September 2, 2021  Neora™ Avatar
Step Up Your Side-Gig Game in September

Millions of Americans have made the decision to take more control of their financial futures as the side hustle revolution gains in popularity. According to recent data released by, 92% of people surveyed think now is a perfect time to start a side hustle. The uncertainty of the economy caused by the fallout from COVID-19—combined with the accessibility of technology—has created untold opportunities for people to earn more money outside the usual 9 to 5.

Why Choose a Side Hustle?

While nearly half of the people working a side hustle in the United States started it for financial reasons, money isn’t the only motivator. Side hustles allow people to work on their terms with freedom and flexibility to spend their time how they choose. A recent American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor survey reveals that most entrepreneurs are happy with their decision to be their own boss and tend to enjoy more life satisfaction and feel secure about the future. The DollarSprout Side Hustle Survey released in 2020, found that 46% of people were optimistic about the future of their side hustle situation and 91% say their significant other is happy with their side hustle decision.

Side-Gig Septemer is Here (and so are all the PERKS!)

So, are you ready to see where a side hustle can take you? It’s Side-Gig September at Neora, and there’s never been a better time to take the leap—we’ve got more perks than ever. In September only, you’ll score FREE enrollment, a FREE product—plus double commissions! What are you waiting for?

Who Works in the Gig Economy?

In 2020, the “gig economy” grew by 33% reaching more than $1 trillion. Gig workers are defined as independent contractors, freelancers, digital nomads and project-based employees outside the traditional workforce. These people are living the life they want by writing blogs, creating websites, selling great products, ridesharing, delivering food, and so on. Parents are more than twice as likely to have a side hustle and a growing number of seniors are using side hustle opportunities to supplement their income.

Neora’s Ultimate Side Hustle Opportunity

With low startup costs, block chain technology, an innovative compensation plan and superior sought after products that make people look, feel and be better, the Neora experience offers a side gig opportunity like no other. Whether you are looking to earn extra money for your family, investing in your retirement or just trying to earn innovative products for free, Neora’s umbrella covers everyone who is ready to improve their life. We give entrepreneurs of all walks of life access to a true e-commerce platform combined with social media to offer the best-in-class products to they can grow their business as they wish.

Why Neora is Primed for the Future

Neora is a business of the future, and we are fueled by the power of relationships. We have continued to increase sales, customers and enrollments despite the setbacks caused by a global pandemic. With our goal squarely focused on making people better by transforming lives around the world. We thrive by helping people look, feel and live better through innovative products, an incomparable opportunity, dedication to happiness and personal development and a commitment to community. At Neora, we are changing lives for those who want to change lives.

Side Hustle Stats

A recent survey released by daVinci Payments found that the gig economy grew by 33% in 2020, reaching more the $1 trillion.

Employment listing giant recently released data showing 92% of respondents said they think now is a good time to look into the gig economy.

According to the report Independent Work: Choice, Necessity and the Gig Economy by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co., people who chose independent work said there were more satisfied with work lives over those who were felt like they were forced into gig work, and even over those in traditional employment.

According to the American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor survey, most entrepreneurs are not only happy with their decision to be their own boss, but they are happy with life in general and feel secure about their future.

According the Zapier/Harris Poll:

One in three Americans (34%) have a side hustle.

61.1 million Americans (24%) plan to start a side hustle in 2021

67% of American started a side hustle within the past three years.

46% were motivated to start their side hustle for creating passive income. Money wasn’t the only motivator.

Parents are twice as likely to have a current side hustle over non-parents.

(49% for parents with kids under 18, compared to 28% for non-parents).

18% of side hustlers eventually want to go full time with their gig

Nearly one-third of side hustlers are over 54 years old

42% percent of Americans are optimistic about the future of their side hustle

91% of survey participants report that their significant other is supportive of their side hustle

Source: DollarSprout Side Hustle Survey, May 14, 2020


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