Stick to the Beat with Neora Rhythm

April 28, 2017  Jeff Olson Avatar
Stick to the Beat with Neora Rhythm

You know, a lot of people have asked, “What has made Neora so successful?” I answer in many different ways but tend to talk a great deal about our commitment to being a company that’s REAL. After all, Neora creates leading-edge products backed by REAL science and supported by clinically proven REAL results. Our commitment to being REAL is probably one of the top reasons we’re also attracting REAL people who want to create REAL lifestyles for themselves. Every day we charge ahead with optimism and a positive philosophy, and that’s where the Neora Rhythm comes in.

What’s the Neora Rhythm?

The Neora Rhythm can help you reach for the stars. It’s as simple as that !! It’s not about quick fixes or taking giant leaps. Instead, it’s all about how to combine the power of the Slight Edge philosophy with Neora’s 10 Core Commitments. The goal is to get all Neora Brand Partners to apply the Neora Rhythm in their everyday life and do business in the same way, no matter what community or country you’re in. It doesn’t really matter what culture, language, or even time zone you find yourself in. This one easy-to-follow suggestion – follow the Neora Rhythm – is your stepping stone to the ultimate success, whether your goals are personal or professional.

Doing the Right Thing, Day In and Day Out

Brand Partners and corporate employees all share the same philosophy: to master the mundane. It’s the philosophy that drives the Neora Rhythm. Remember, successful people actually do the “mundane” – 10 seemingly unimportant acts every day. Successful people do these mundane things over and over and over again until the compound effect kicks in and…success !! Are you curious about what “mundane things” I’m talking about? Well, it’s Neora’s 10 Core Commitments, of course !! But, that’s not the end of it, my friends. Now you know about our 10 Core Commitments but what drives our 10 commitments?

Push Yourself To the Edge of Your Limits

The Slight Edge drives the 10 Core Values, and just like our 10 Core Commitments, doing the same few tasks day after day after day will help you reach your goals and shape the way you think, the way you act, and the way you see life. If you’re serious about changing your life for the better, my suggestion is The Slight Edge. Master the mundane by repeating our 10 Core Commitments – and do it consistently and persistently. Add to this a positive attitude and you’ll see the benefits very soon.

What this means for you is that you have the freedoms to work wherever and whenever you want. You can work locally and build your business nationally. You can work locally and build your business globally.

Our rhythm never changes. Around the world, Brand Partners share the same rhythm. Our rhythm is our lifeline and will be one of your biggest assets.


  • I love your product but why so much to start ?

    • Ruby, you have options when you begin your business based on how you’d like to build it. Let us know at if you’d like to be connected to a Brand Partner.

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      Liz Merry 3 years ago

      Hi Ruby. I’d be happy to help figure out how to start while keeping within your budget. Contact me anytime.

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    Pamela Clark 7 years ago

    I was a brand Partner in 2014…..and participated as much that I could…The last time I ordered was in 2016, My mother had a stroke June 20 2016, so I have had to be the care giver which has been a year and 3 months…I could not work and make any money at the time….Today I tried to sign in with my user name and password and my account has been canceled….pretty sad….because my face loves the night cream and wanted to tried some of the newer ones too… I found out that if you have been inactive 12 months, I will need to start all over again. I wish I was aware of this sooner so I could purchase more product…..Feeling So Sad 🙁

    • We’re sorry to hear about your mother, Pamela. Many of us can empathize with the situation of care taking, and we wish her the best as she returns to better health. Concerning the Brand Partnership with Neora, the information of inactivity has always been available in the Neora policies and procedures. In the meantime, you can still order product as a preferred customer through the Brand Partners that were in your upline. If you need help with that information, Neora Support will be glad to assist via phone (1-855-463-1486)or email (

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    Chere Bondie Lenz 6 years ago

    I had & account & monthly shipment of skin care a few years ago. Now I don’t receive an email when requesting a password change but when I try to log in I’m given a message that my email account is already in use. I WANT TO PURCHASE SKIN CARE AGAIN … PLEASE.

    • Chere, please contact Neora Support at 1-855-463-7486 to inquire about your account so you can being your orders again.

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    Jeremiah Johnson 6 years ago

    Best products around! I love it.

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    DUSTIN MITCHELL 3 years ago

    I love this. I remember the first time Jeff explained the rhythm to me at the corporate office in 2015! Sooo important to our corporate culture!

    Dustin Mitchell

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    Clara Bellino 3 years ago

    OMG where does anyone start a home business with products that do what they say and $20 to get in? Really? Have you tried to start your own business lately? It’s “funny” to me how people complain about the fact that we have a company that provides all it does, products we get to share, the ability to get them for free -my husband and I have had free products that work for 6+ years, not to mention the income, impacting others. It’s interesting to me that when people look at a place if it’s not a 9 to 5 job paying anything, it’s a deal breaker. Really? I’m happy to pay $30 a month for a supportive website I couldn’t create for $10,000 and all my marketing materials are there for me and I basically have everything taken care of, -ever looked for a virtual assistant for $1 a day!!? – and free products that OMG have changed my skin, wellness, income, and helped me do the same for others. Not to discourage anyone from creating all that, but if $20 is too much for you to join an amazing company that can lift the roof and sky above your head how are you going to start your own company where $100,000 to start anything is a drop in the bucket?

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    Liz Merry 3 years ago

    Thank you, JO! Second best decision I ever made was joining this amazing company/family. (First was marrying my husband.) Through our culture and personal development, I am a better person with clear goals and focus. See you in Tulum!

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    Trevor and Pina Murray 3 years ago

    We have been a small/medium business owner for over 30 years. Each of the the business that I started grew and sold,had a significant cost of start up and operation. It has been over five years since we decided that making the decision to take part in the Gig economy may make a difference in our lives.
    Well it not only returned our investment, it help reignite our passion for personal development, through the Neora Rhythm 10 Core and the Slight Edge philosophy.
    We thoroughly enjoy sharing the products and opportunity with friends family and those that are seeking something more. Thank you Jeff Olson for putting together a simple plan, that can creat remarkably results. Cheers!

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    Lisa J Tee-Theoharides 3 years ago

    Forever grateful to the Olson family! In 2006 when I read “The Slight Edge” for the first time it was a game changer for me. The simple things we can do that will dictate our life habits are easy to do and easy not to do. When I found out Jeff Olson had founded this company in 2012, I just KNEW this was a mission I could align my hopes and dreams with to make an impact in our world. Thank you Neora!

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