Part 2: How to Wear Multiple Hats as an Entrepreneur

July 30, 2018  Amber Olson Rourke Avatar
Part 2: How to Wear Multiple Hats as an Entrepreneur
Amber Olson Rourke is the Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Neora — an award-winning skincare and wellness solutions company with headquarters in Addison, Texas. Amber is responsible for Neora’s branding, creative services, communications, public relations, events, digital marketing and social media.

The Long and Short of It

It’s not unusual for people to commit to multiple roles. I’ve committed to being a spouse, parent, and entrepreneur. If you’re like me, you too would want to perform each of your roles — whatever they may be — to the best of your ability. Because this is such an important topic, I wanted to spend a little more time on each of the tips which is why I’m sharing two blogs this month.

Here’s a quick summary of Part One: Direct all your mental energy, clarity, and focus into the task at hand and (1) be all in; additionally, (2) be intentional with your time and focus on the tasks performed at work. When at home, live 100 percent in the moment with your loved ones at home. There are a time and place for every role you must fulfill and every role requires 100 percent of your effort and mental focus to do it right!

Just in case you didn’t happen to view the July Facebook Live event on the same topic, watch the replay here. In the meantime, let’s move on to the remaining tips.

Give Yourself Grace

Nobody is perfect! Instead of trying to achieve the impossible, only focus on making progress. You can’t do it all! Put your energy into what’s most important and focus on moving those things forward. Also, remember, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. If someone offers to help, accept it. Strong women, especially, find it difficult to accept help but as entrepreneurs, our calling is to do greater and bigger things. That requires help from wherever we can get it.

Language Matters

Lots of women (and men) struggle with guilt – guilt about working long hours, taking phone calls at home, leaving in the morning instead of staying home with your children, and more. As a mom, it’s super important that my daughter doesn’t think I don’t like going to work. I make sure to tell her that mommy has to leave to go to work because I have to help make people better. Your language and how you phrase what you’re doing is important to prevent yourself from feeling guilty about juggling your multiple roles.

Do More, To Be More

Are you mentally prepared to make sacrifices? I hope so because that’s what it takes to be successful. Keep in mind that there are more important things to do than going to every party you’re invited to or binge-watching 10 hours of TV. When it comes to accomplishing your goals, the difference between someone who makes it versus someone who breaks is successful people understand and are willing to make sacrifices. What are you willing to sacrifice?

Your Most Important Hat

The most important hat you’ll wear is your CEO hat. After all, we’re talking about your business and your future here! Your CEO hat keeps you motivated and keeps you from going off course as a result of daily distractions. The reality is that throughout your day, you may take on multiple roles but it’s essential to know the strategy and vision of why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s why as an entrepreneur you never take off that hat. You’re in the driver’s seat of a future you’re building for yourself and your family. Never lose track of that!

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Have a blessed day!


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