Finding Yourself Is The Key To Finding Community

May 28, 2021  Brittany Giles Avatar
Finding Yourself Is The Key To Finding Community

How did you come into this world? Alone. How will you leave this world? Alone. This alone is why it is vital to learn how to enjoy your own company and be willing to sit with yourself to discover the varying layers that we possess. I promise you that self-reflection is how you get your power back! The question is, are you ready? 

Alignment with ourselves helps us channel in a healthy dose of self-worth and will more than likely result in you attracting people that match where you are in this chapter of life.

Not too long ago, I took a trip to Get Away House outside of Dallas, and it was there that I genuinely put into practice how to exist in my own company. It was also that weekend where I birthed a new business venture, released a romantic relationship, and manifested so much abundance that I am still in shock. But how do you reach the point that you are fully content with being alone and spending some actual (no phone) quality time with yourself?

1. Embrace Activities That Bring You Joy: What would you do with your day if finances were not a factor? Do that. Usually, that is something that is profoundly personal but helps you to cultivate your zone. You know that blissful place where you are doing doesn’t feel like work and is super authentic to who you are as a person. Whatever that is will leave you feeling accomplished to the point that picking up your phone every five minutes won’t even feel appeasing. 

2. Write A List Of Everything That Makes You Amazing: I love the quote, “She remembered who she was, and the game changed.” Sometimes we forget how many exceptional qualities we possess, and a little reminder never hurts anyone. You are goals! You inspire! You are somebody’s sunshine! It is time that you fully embrace it all. 

3. Place Value On Your Mental and Spiritual Health Daily: This can look different for everyone, but it is committing to a meditation practice for me. Meditation is a time to observe ourselves on a higher level. We connect with our consciousness, and it brings forth our biggest fears and insecurities so that we can commit to doing the work by looking within. When we seek outside sources to bring us inner joy, our happiness is out of our control. We have to heal inside out.

Remind yourself that you are always in someone’s thoughts, and you can create that community anywhere under any circumstance. Trusting yourself will attract all that you need, but to trust ourselves fully, we have to get to know ourselves. Are you up for the task?

Brittany Giles

Brittany Giles

NeoraFit™ Ambassador Brittany Giles began her mission to share her fitness journey with the world three years ago. That journey drastically changed the way she viewed fitness. Fun workouts, her favorite fitness events, and nutrition tips are the foundation of FitXBrit, while she also focuses on the mind viewing “fitness” from a mental and spiritual aspect as well. Brittany believes “our bodies are easy to train and it just takes focus and commitment; however, our mindset can be a bit more challenging when we are looking at overall health.” Ultimately, Brittany’s goal is to share all of herself: the educator, fitness and nutrition enthusiast, the mom, and the woman on a journey to achieve peace.


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    Rita Bowie 3 years ago

    Incredible tips. We can all win!

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    Such a great blog‼️ Thank you ❤️

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