Breakthrough in Anti-Aging: Happiness

January 9, 2018  Deborah Heisz Avatar
Breakthrough in Anti-Aging: Happiness
Deborah K. Heisz, CEO, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Live Happy and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Neora, shares the latest in anti-aging – happiness!

One of the greatest style icons of all time, Coco Chanel, said that nature gives you the face you have at 20 but it’s ultimately up to you to merit the face you have at 50. The way I’ve always interpreted this quote is to mean that we don’t have much control about the natural aging process, but, we do have control over our everyday expressions and emotions that will eventually be etched into your skin — call it laugh lines, wrinkles, or crow’s feet. Knowing the inevitable, why not do our best to ensure that our faces and our health reflect the life experiences that have brought us happiness, laughter, joy, and optimism instead of the alternative?

Living a happy life

If you’re familiar with Live Happy magazine, you’ve likely heard us mention before how happiness empowers people to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. The ideology behind our magazine is that happier people are healthier, more satisfied with life, and more satisfied in their relationships. Not to mention, they live longer. This idea is not something we take lightly and we’re not the only ones on board with this philosophy! In fact, positive psychology research increasingly shows that much of our well-being is within our control and that our daily choices have proven effects on our physical as well as mental health. What’s more, we can say that people aren’t happier because they’re successful but rather people are successful because they’re happy. In fact, the odds for accomplishing your dreams improve significantly when you’re happy. That’s what Live Happy is all about. We’re not talking about a temporary rush of pleasure when you’re skydiving for the first time or eating a decadent piece of cake. No, happiness encompasses the entire human existence and your ability to thrive — it’s what keeps us young and healthy at heart!

Science-Based Tips

In a wonderful article written by Paula Felps for the February 2018 issue of Live Happy, Felps notes that people’s thoughts and behavior play a bigger role in well-being than realized before. “Science has found that happiness, not genetics, is one of the greatest predictors of longevity,” according to Felps’ article, which details research from experts in both medical and social science.

One of the things I love about this article – and there are many — is the list of six factors, supported by science, that can help you live a longer and more fulfilled life. These factors may surprise you and I encourage each one of you to look at these suggestions including the importance of belonging to organizations, volunteering, and replacing negative thoughts with things like breathing techniques to help calm your mind. For the full article, click here.

You see, current and emerging research reveal that happiness, or a lack thereof, directly impacts almost every aspect of our lives. Furthermore, when we are happy, we are better able and more inclined to improve the lives of others, our communities, and the world.

Your Personal Journey of Happiness

Live Happy is here to help make your world a happier place because the positivity that stems from happiness turns into a roadmap to a long and fruitful life. That’s right, happiness is one of the greatest predictors of longevity! Simple daily lifestyle choices and habits, such as maintaining positive relationships or getting better sleep, can not only improve you’re mental health but also change how your body responds to aging. A long time ago, Plato said, “He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pressure of age, but to him who is of an opposite disposition, youth and age are equally a burden.”

So, let’s take Plato’s advice and be calm and happy in nature. This year, replace your frown lines with laugh lines and may you have the best year yet!

I would love to hear from you. Do you agree that happiness is the key to longevity? Share your comments below.

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    Steve Engelman 6 years ago

    Totally agree. The thing that being a part of this organization has taught me most is that happiness is found in many places that have nothing to do with receiving, but rather when we are giving. Giving time. Giving our energy. These are our most precious gifts and therefore when we give these priceless things that we can never get back, we feel most joy. Great article.

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